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Coach Joe Enabnit (far left) with members from the St. Michael Barbell Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Catholic gym trains members to become ‘warriors against the evil one’

Sep 29, 2023

By Francesca Pollio Fenton

St. Michael Barbell Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, strives to equip its members with not only physical strength but spiritual... Read more


The three great archangels of the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

Sep 29, 2023

By Daniel Payne

Today, on the feast of the archangels, we celebrate the powerful helpers sent by God throughout salvation history. Read more

A sculpture of Archangel Michael atop the Lach Gates at Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Many seeing ‘luminous angels’ over Ukraine, says major archbishop

Mar 4, 2022

By CNA Staff

The Archangel Michael is patron saint of the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Read more

Detail of Adoration of an Angel by Fra Angelico, early 1400's.

5 Angelic Prayers Everyone Should Know

Oct 2, 2021

By Alejandro Bermudez

Oct. 2 is the feast day of the guardian angels, just three days after the feast of the archangels. These... Read more

Angels accompany us on the path to salvation, Pope says

Sep 29, 2017

Christians and angels cooperate “together in God’s salvific design,” Pope Francis told Catholics in his morning homily, on the Feast... Read more

Meditations on Vatican Art: Angels by Fr. Mark Haydu.

The role of angels: one author's push to shed light on the afterlife

Sep 29, 2014

By Elise Harris

In an effort to show what Scripture tells us about “the beyond,” often obscured by a society that leans toward... Read more