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Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam speaking in front of Alexandria City Hall, March 2019.

Virginia governor appoints activist with history of anti-Catholic tweets

Aug 26, 2019

The Governor of Virginia has appointed a Democratic activist with a history of profane, anti-Catholic statements to an influential public... Read more

St. Simon's parish in Glasgow, which was vandalized April 29, 2019.

Glasgow parish 'shamefully' vandalized

Apr 30, 2019

Police in Glasgow are investigating vandalism committed Monday at St. Simon's parish, an attack the archdiocese has called 'shameful'.  Read more

Dana Nessel.

Michigan lawmaker cries foul against AG’s 'anti-Catholicism'

Apr 15, 2019

By Jonah McKeown

A Michigan state representative is considering opening articles of impeachment against the state’s attorney general over comments that he says... Read more

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at the 2016 champions of Jewish values international awards.

Congresswoman blasts ‘religious bigotry’ against Knights of Columbus, Catholic nominees

Jan 9, 2019

By Ed Condon

Democratic lawmakers are divided over questions some see as a religious litmus test applied to candidates for the federal bench.... Read more

Threats force Catholic families out of their homes in Northern Ireland

Oct 5, 2017

A paramilitary hate group is behind threats that forced four Catholic families to flee their homes in Northern Ireland, authorities... Read more

Professor Amy Coney Barrett. Courtesy of the University of Notre Dame Law School.

Concerns of 'anti-Catholic bigotry' as judicial nominee questioned about faith

Sep 7, 2017

By Matt Hadro

A Catholic nominee to a federal circuit court faced hostile questions about her faith from U.S. senators on Wednesday, prompting... Read more

Scotland's rise in anti-Catholic crimes prompts call for government action

Aug 15, 2017

Crimes motivated by anti-Catholicism are on the rise in Scotland, and a leading Catholic spokesman has said the government must... Read more

Screenshot of the artist doing pushups on the altar.

Artist performs pushups on altar, posts video, gets fined.

Jan 19, 2017

A German artist was fined after doing 27 pushups on a Catholic altar and posting a video of the stunt... Read more

Indiana mayor draws criticism for renaming Good Friday

Nov 22, 2016

Critics say an Indiana mayor's decision to rename the city's Good Friday holiday in the name of inclusivity ended up... Read more

Stealing Hosts for anti-Catholic art? Not illegal, Spanish judge says.

Nov 16, 2016

Critics of a Spanish judge say he wrongly dismissed charges against an artist who stole consecrated Hosts for an exhibit... Read more

Nevada Catholic churches targeted in bizarre string of protests

Dec 10, 2015

Las Vegas Catholics are disturbed after self-described Muslim-turned-Christian protestors disrupted Masses at several churches in the metropolitan area within the... Read more