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Father Jacques Mourad, who escaped from Islamic State.

In Syrian monastery, priest who escaped ISIS sees signs of hope

Nov 27, 2016

By Andrea Gagliarducci

The fourth-century saint Mar Elian’s relics survived the Islamic State’s destruction of the Syrian monastery that bears his name, and... Read more

Fr. Jacques Mourad, who was held captive by the Islamic State for nearly five months in 2015.

Syrian priest who escaped ISIS: 'our world needs a revolution against violence'

Oct 17, 2016

Father Jacques Mourad was prior of the Mar Elian monastery, a pilgrimage centre near Al Quaryatayn, about 65 miles southeast... Read more

Father Jacques Mourad, who recently escaped from the Islamic State.

This priest was abducted by ISIS, but he isn't giving up on a mission of mercy

Dec 12, 2015

By Elise Harris, Kevin J. Jones

A Syrian priest who spent more than four months as a captive of the Islamic State is headed back to... Read more