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British Columbia's highest court upholds religious freedom

Nov 8, 2016

In a unanimous ruling, the highest court in British Columbia said that a Christian law school could not be denied... Read more

Scripture: It's not just for Protestants, says papal nuncio

Nov 8, 2016

While reading the Bible may be associated with Protestantism in the minds of some, love of Scripture is at the... Read more

New technology unveils contents of ancient Biblical scrolls

Sep 27, 2016

For the first time in centuries, an ancient Biblical scroll could be read, thanks to a computer scanning technology that... Read more

Vacation Bible School is a light in darkness for Syrian children

Jun 21, 2016

For children growing up in Aleppo, Syria, life is anything but easy. In a city devastated civil war, bombings are... Read more


Bible publisher wins permanent victory over HHS mandate

Jul 19, 2015

A Bible publisher based in Illinois has won its lawsuit against the federal contraception mandate, with a final ruling delivered... Read more

How Chinese Catholics around the world are renewing their commitment to the Bible

May 8, 2015

On the 25th anniversary of the United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association, groups across the globe are reaffirming their dedication to... Read more


In sight of the nation's capitol, a massive Bible museum underway

Feb 16, 2015

A vast Bible museum is currently under construction in Washington, D.C. and has had strong support since its beginning phases... Read more

Reading braille.

Free braille Bibles help the blind poor around the world

Jan 8, 2015

Close your eyes. Now try to go about your regular life without your vision. What challenges would you face at... Read more

Photo courtesy of the Jesse Box.

Scriptures come to life for Irish families through Jesse Box

Dec 21, 2014

By Ann Schneible

A new initiative out of Ireland is using Biblical dioramas to engage parents and children in Scripture. The Jesse Box,... Read more

A Mississippi State University team found this bulla, or ancient clay seal, from the 10th century BC in southern Israel.

Israeli dig peers into King David's time

Dec 18, 2014

New archaeological evidence about Israel and Judah at the time of King David and King Solomon undermines some skeptics who... Read more

Bp. Rochus Josef Tatamai of Bereina celebrating Mass in the forest of PNG.

Catholics in Melanesia celebrate gift, power of Bible

Aug 8, 2014

Catholic faithful recently gathered in the Melanesian islands to mark “Bible Sunday” – a celebration aimed at fostering meditative reading... Read more

Pope Francis greets pilgrims in St. Peter's Square after the Wednesday general audience, May 7, 2014.

Jesus is the great treasure, Pope teaches

Jul 27, 2014

Pope Francis on Sunday stressed the priceless value of encountering Jesus, noting that Jesus’ parables speak of those who are... Read more

Pope Francis preaches during a Penitential service at St. Peter's Basilica, March 28, 2014.

Pope distributes free copies of Gospels

Apr 6, 2014

Pope Francis handed out free pocket-sized copies of the gospels to crowds filling St. Peter’s square for the Sunday Angelus,... Read more

Ancient Biblical texts from the Verbum Domini II Bible exhibit

New Bible exhibit evangelizes through history of scripture

Apr 3, 2014

By Elise Harris

Featuring ancient biblical artifacts from all over the world, the Verbum Domini II exhibition has officially opened at the Vatican,... Read more

Pope Francis celebrates Mass for the Feast of the Epiphany in St. Peter's Basilica on Jan. 6, 2014.

Pope: Word of God strengthens us in moments of temptation

Feb 18, 2014

Pope Francis on Feb. 18 stressed that the Word of God “opens the horizon” and saves Christians from the temptation... Read more

New app aims to enliven Scriptures, boost accessibility

Jan 28, 2014

By Kevin J. Jones

A new app featuring the full text and dramatic readings of the Bible is drawing praise from Catholic clergy who... Read more

Baby by Amy Quinn (CC0 1.0).

Biblical baby names set to make a comeback in 2014

Jan 8, 2014

A baby name website has predicted that more parents will be choosing traditional Biblical names for their children this year,... Read more

Open Bible by Petr Kratochvil.

Chinese-English Bible offers opportunity for evangelization

Sep 27, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

A new edition of the Old Testament in both English and Traditional Chinese is a valuable tool for Chinese Catholics... Read more

Bible study group in Pattaya, Thailand.

Catholic Bible studies in Thailand strengthen faith

Jul 30, 2013

Foreign missionaries in Thailand once dedicated their lives to encountering Christ, spreading the gospel and helping the growth of the... Read more

Team Sisters of Mary with Jeff Foxworthy on The American Bible Challenge. Courtesy Grace Hill Media.

Dominican sisters witness through Bible game show appearance

Mar 17, 2013

Three religious sisters are participating in a unique evangelization effort by competing on a Bible trivia game show in hopes... Read more