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Alphabet saint book aims to introduce kids to heavenly friends

A new book for young children aims to both teach kids the alphabet and introduce them to new heavenly friends... Read more

Pierpaolo Finaldi, CEO of the Catholic Truth Society. Courtesy of CTS.

‘It’s a pretty huge hit to take’: Lockdown deals blow to Catholic publishers

Catholic publishers in the United Kingdom are turning to social media and online sales in an effort to survive the... Read more

Margaret from The Pope's Cat looking out on the Square. Illustration by Roy Deleon, courtesy of Paraclete Press.

The Pope's Cat: New book series introduces kids to papal office, Rome

Margaret, the fictional stray cat adopted by a fictional Pope in a new children’s book series, gets an up-close and... Read more

Jesus and Mary Magdalen by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov. Public Domain.

Christian beauty and encounter – one author's proposal to heal a wounded culture

The power of Christian beauty and human encounter will be the focus of a leading Communion and Liberation priest as... Read more

Spaghetti and sword featured in the Vatican Cookbook.

How Swiss Guards are bringing the Vatican to your kitchen

A native of Zurich, Switzerland, David Geisser was a chef prodigy.  Read more

'Memoirs of a Happy Failure' cover design by Marylouise McGraw.

From the lion's den: Alice von Hildebrand's 'happy failure'

Despite having a life radically different than the one she expected as a Belgium youth, philosopher Dr. Alice von Hildebrand... Read more

A historical faith – studying history through a Catholic lens

The study of history is an opportunity to unite faith and reason and to recover a distinctly Catholic perspective that... Read more

St. Francis de Sales.

Book offers meditations based on Francis de Sales' letters

When Dr. Christopher Blum first read "Introduction to the Devout Life," he knew that he would be personally indebted to... Read more

Angels and Saints by Scott Hahn. Photo courtesy of Image Books.

Scott Hahn explores power of saints, angels in modern life

Noted Catholic convert and author Dr. Scott Hahn published a new book May 27 exploring the biblical roots and modern-day... Read more

Teresa Tomeo.

Make God's priorities your 'bucket list,' author says

Teresa Tomeo, author of the new book “God’s Bucket List,” says that she knows from her own life how “freeing”... Read more

"The Truth is Out There," by Eastern Catholic monk Amadeus.

Contemplative monk creates comic book to teach faith

Building on his lifelong love of comic books, an Eastern Catholic monk has authored a short graphic novel, “The Truth... Read more

The Nov. 20, 2012 launch for Pope Benedict XVI's book on Jesus' childhood.

Pope's book on childhood of Jesus has family focus

Pope Benedict's third and final book on Jesus' life has been launched, and this time he delves into Christ's childhood.  Read more

Pope Benedict XVI and his new book "Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives."

Benedict XVI's final book on Jesus coming out next week

Pope Benedict's latest book on Christ, which focuses on his infancy, will be published in the United States Nov. 21.  Read more

"The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton" and Dale Ahlquist.

G.K. Chesterton a model for evangelism, author says

The author of a new book on G.K. Chesterton says the 20th-century author and Catholic convert is a model for... Read more

Dr. Christopher Kaczor and his new book

Book busts myths about Church teaching on hot topics

Dr. Christopher Kaczor's new book addresses some of the most widely-held myths about the Catholic Church and its teachings, tackling... Read more