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Divine Liturgy in St. Erik’s Catholic Cathedral in Stockholm, Sweden, on Easter Sunday 2022.

Ukrainian Catholics crowd Swedish cathedral on Easter

Apr 21, 2022

By Hannah Brockhaus

The Cathedral of Stockholm, Sweden, was filled past capacity last Sunday as Ukrainian Catholics in the Scandinavian country celebrated the... Read more

Catholics decry Swedish political party's plan to close all religious schools

Mar 20, 2018

By Mary Farrow

Catholic educators in Sweden have denounced a political party’s promise to ban all religious schools as a political maneuver capitalizing... Read more

Swedish cardinal laments attacks on nation's Jewish community

Dec 15, 2017

Multiple attacks against the Jewish community in Sweden have sparked outcry from leaders who have spoken out against the violence.... Read more

Cardinal Anders Arborelius of Stockholm at the consistory in St. Peter's Basilica, June 28, 2017.

Cardinal Arborelius shows the Church's Scandinavian 'peripheries'

Jun 28, 2017

When thinking of the “peripheries” of the Church, many think of places such as Latin America, Africa, or maybe Asia.... Read more