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Eduardo Verástegui speaks at the Vitae Summit in Vatican City on Sept. 1, 2022.

How Eduardo Verástegui’s latest film inspired him to fight human trafficking

Sep 7, 2022

By Courtney Mares

Catholic actor Eduardo Verástegui has launched a national campaign in Mexico to combat human trafficking. Read more

Actor Eduardo Verastigui addresses the 2021 Live Action Life Awards Gala on Aug. 21, 2021.

An encounter at an abortion clinic changed this Catholic actor’s life  

Aug 23, 2021

By Matt Hadro

Eduardo Verastegui, the producer and star of the film “Bella,” on Saturday recalled a moment where he realized his movie... Read more

Could Catholic actor Eduardo Verastegui be the next President of Mexico?

Nov 28, 2017

Several Mexican media outlets reported on Nov. 24 that Eduardo Verastegui, internationally known Catholic actor and producer, could be a... Read more


Actor Eduardo Verástegui visits prisoners to talk about second chances

Oct 1, 2009

Mexican movie star Eduardo Verástegui on Wednesday visited Gatesville Prison in Gatesville, Texas to tell prisoners how acting in the... Read more

Eduardo Verástegui

Famous Mexican actor rips Obama over abortion, warns U.S. Latinos

Sep 24, 2008

The movie star Eduardo Verástegui has recorded a special video message to encourage Hispanic voters in the U.S. to put an... Read more