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Bishop Erik Varden O.C.S.O, of the Catholic Territorial Prelature of Trondheim, Norway, at the vespers at Santa Maria dell'Anima in Rome.

Nordic bishops issue letter affirming Church teaching on human sexuality

Mar 25, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

The pastoral letter was read aloud at Mass at Catholic churches in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Read more

Bishop Georg Bätzing of Limburg.

German Catholic bishops’ leader calls for change to Catechism on sexuality

Mar 4, 2022

By CNA Staff

Bishop Georg Bätzing said: ‘Sexuality is a gift from God. And not a sin.’ Read more

Bishop Helmut Dieser, chairman of the Synodal Way forum on ‘Living in Successful Relationships,’ welcomes the #OutInChurch campaign, Jan. 24, 2022.

German Catholic bishops welcome initiative seeking change in Church teaching on sexuality

Jan 25, 2022

By CNA Staff

The campaign criticized what it said were ‘defamatory and outdated’ expressions of Catholic doctrine. Read more

Bishop urges prayer, fasting in response to blessings of same-sex couples in Germany

Apr 19, 2021

In response to a planned day of blessings for same-sex partners in Germany, the Bishop of San Sebastián on Wednesday... Read more

Pope Francis with Justin Welby, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, in Vatican City, Oct. 27, 2017.

Church of England maintains sex guidance, despite apologizing for it

Jan 31, 2020

The Church of England will not be withdrawing its recent pastoral guidance affirming that sex is reserved for married, heterosexual... Read more

Why robot brothels are not the solution to America's STD crisis

Dec 31, 2018

By Perry West

With several sexually transmitted diseases reaching an all-time high in the U.S., could sex robots be the answer? Catholics leaders... Read more

Harvard University.

Harvard students hold Catholic Sex Week to explain Church teaching

Nov 15, 2018

By Perry West

After Sex Week at Harvard University this year, the Catholic Student Association hosted a series of talks designed to offer... Read more

Bishops inside the synod hall.

Youth synod final report released, addresses gender, sexuality

Oct 27, 2018

By Hannah Brockhaus

The final report of the fifteenth general session of the Synod of Bishops, held on the topics of young people,... Read more

Ecuador congress affirms parents' rights to educate kids on sexuality

Aug 2, 2018

The National Assembly of Ecuador on July 31 unanimously upheld the right of parents to educate their children “in accordance... Read more

Have questions on Humanae Vitae? Social media discussion offers answers

Jul 3, 2018

A month-long social media conversation on Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae kicked off this week, facilitated by the Diocese of... Read more

Why some Catholics are skeptical of Pride Month

Jun 7, 2018

By Kevin J. Jones

While the month of June is marked by LGBT pride events, some Catholic critics have voiced wariness and concern that... Read more

Archbishop Cordileone speaking at the Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization in Kansas.

Symposium: 'Humanae Vitae' teachings essential for stable marriages, families

Mar 28, 2018

By Mary Farrow

The promise of the sexual revolution and contraception was total sexual freedom for everyone.  Read more

via Unsplash.

Humanae Vitae is needed now more than ever, say conference attendees

Mar 26, 2018

By Mary Farrow

Fifty years after its release, the teachings of Humanae Vitae are more relevant and necessary for the life of the... Read more

Human dignity in the 21st century – Alaskan bishops release pastoral letter

Mar 1, 2018

The bishops of Alaska released a joint pastoral letter this month, highlighting the meaning, origin, and implications of human dignity... Read more

Courtesy of Carmel Communications.

How Christians can accompany those with same-sex attraction

Sep 19, 2017

By Adelaide Mena

Have compassion and empathy: especially for those dealing with struggles which are different than yours.  Read more

Evangelicals' Nashville Statement 'largely consonant' with Catholic thought

Aug 31, 2017

By Kevin J. Jones

An Evangelical Christian coalition’s statement on marriage, sexuality, and gender identity is “largely consonant” with Catholic thought, according to one... Read more

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia speaks with CNA Sept. 15, 2014.

How to fix our broken sexual culture, according to Archbishop Chaput

Nov 16, 2016

By Matt Hadro

Infidelity, divorce, sexual violence, pornography, hook-up culture – all things that have both increased en masse in society over the... Read more

British Columbia's highest court upholds religious freedom

Nov 8, 2016

In a unanimous ruling, the highest court in British Columbia said that a Christian law school could not be denied... Read more

Princeton campus.

Princeton event to highlight healthy marriages as foundation of society

Oct 27, 2016

As the contentious 2016 campaign season draws to a close, hundreds of university students are coming together to focus on... Read more

Pornography recovery program helps 'fight the new drug'

Jul 23, 2014

The co-founder and executive director of an organization that fights pornography addiction among youth says he sees a need to... Read more