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The US capitol.

Conservative intellectuals call for tax credit expansion for families amid coronavirus

Jul 16, 2020

A group of conservative figures called on Congress Thursday to expand tax credits for families to ease the consequences of... Read more

The US capitol building.

US Senate bill would abolish tax-deductibility of abortions

Jan 16, 2020

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced the Abortion is Not Healthcare Act Jan. 9, a bill that would reclassify abortions in... Read more

Bipartisan bill would make it easier to deduct charitable donations

May 14, 2018

A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress last week would make it easier for Americans to receive tax deductions for charitable... Read more

Chris Butler, a pastor at Chicago Embassy Church, leads a prayer walk in his community.

Chicago church leaders unite to oppose massive tax threat to religious groups

Apr 21, 2018

Religious leaders in Chicago are fighting to end a lawsuit filed by an atheist group that would impose upwards of... Read more