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The flag of the Republic of Ireland.

Scottish bishops' leader laments ‘disturbing’ public worship ban in Ireland

Bishop Hugh Gilbert said that “to enact legislation that criminalizes those who gather to celebrate Holy Mass is indeed extreme... Read more

Canon Tom White, who is challenging Scotland's ban on public worship.

‘I’m overjoyed’: Catholic priest wins legal challenge to blanket ban on public worship

A Catholic priest has expressed joy after Scotland’s supreme civil court ruled that a blanket ban on public worship is... Read more

Canon Tom White, who is challenging Scotland's ban on public worship.

Catholic priest pursues challenge as Scottish government sets new date to lift public worship ban

A Catholic priest will proceed with a challenge to the Scottish government’s ban on public worship despite an announcement that... Read more

The flag of Scotland. Credit: Lynx Aqua/Shutterstock.

Scotland’s Catholic bishops seek ‘dialogue’ over cap on worshipers when public Masses resume

Scotland’s Catholic bishops said on Monday that they plan to engage in “dialogue” with government officials over a cap on worshipers when... Read more

The flag of Scotland. Credit: Lynx Aqua/Shutterstock.

Catholics press for further changes to Scotland’s controversial hate crime bill

Catholics are pressing for further changes to Scotland’s controversial hate crime bill amid a last-minute consultation.  Read more

Canon Tom White, who is challenging Scotland's ban on public worship. Photo courtesy of ADF International.

Priest challenges Scotland's coronavirus ban on public worship

Scotland’s coronavirus-related ban on public worship goes too far and churches that follow appropriate precautions should be allowed to open... Read more

The flag of Scotland. Credit: Lynx Aqua/Shutterstock.

Scottish Christian leaders join in opposition to proposed Hate Crime law

The Catholic bishops of Scotland, along with several other Christian groups, are speaking out against a proposed “hate crimes” law... Read more

Abortions rise in Scotland to second-highest level on record

Scotland has reported its second-highest annual abortion figure on record.  Read more

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Scottish government may face legal challenge over redefinition of ‘woman’

A feminist group said Friday that it may launch a legal challenge over new rules to increase female representation on... Read more

The flag of Scotland.

Catholic bishops fear Scotland's hate crime law could criminalize Bible and Catechism

Catholic bishops have said that proposed hate crime legislation in Scotland could criminalize the Bible and the Catechism of the... Read more

Bishop Hugh Gilbert, president of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland.

Public Masses resume in Scotland with ‘irksome’ 50-person limit

Public Masses in Scotland resumed Wednesday with a maximum number of 50 people permitted to attend regardless of church size.  Read more

The University of Aberdeen.

Scottish pro-life student group investigated, but no action taken

After complaints that a pro-life event held by the Aberdeen Life Ethics Society violated a 'safe space policy', an investigation... Read more

Scottish bishop: Permission for wholly at-home medical abortion is ideological

The president of the Scottish bishops' conference wrote Friday to the Scottish health secretary, saying the permission for women to... Read more

Edinburgh city center, Scotland. Via Shutterstock.

Scotland's bishops issue letter on life issues ahead of election

Scotland’s Catholic bishops have released a letter setting out the Church’s teaching on abortion and assisted suicide ahead of the... Read more

Scottish Church says Catholics schools don't cause violence

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said Wednesday the suggestion that Catholic schools in the country are a... Read more

A 2008 Orange walk in Glasgow.

Efforts to ease tensions over Orange walks in Glasgow

Some figures in the Catholic Church and Protestant loyalist groups in Scotland are seeking to reach a compromise regarding Protestant... Read more

The flag of Scotland.

Church in Scotland urged to update sex abuse reporting and prevention protocols

A Scottish Catholic organization set up to prevent, report and audit allegations of sexual abuse within the Church can do... Read more

The flag of Scotland.

Edinburgh council may strip religious reps' votes on education

A priest in Edinburgh has written to oppose a suggestion in Edinburgh council to strip voting rights from religious representatives... Read more

Give religious reps a vote on education committees, Scottish bishop urges

The Bishop of Dunkeld has met with local government officials to discuss the council area's decision to strip voting rights... Read more

The University of Aberdeen.

Pro-life student group wins affiliation at Scottish university

A pro-life group at the University of Aberdeen has been granted affiliation by the school's student association, a month after... Read more