Human dignity

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Dr. John Haas.

De-humanization the most pressing issue of today, expert says

Oct 3, 2013

By Elise Harris

A gathering of researchers and scientists convened in Rome to discuss some of the greatest threats to humanity, identifying the... Read more

Bishop James D. Conley in Rome, Italy, May 4, 2012.

Bishop says porn use starts with loneliness, 'yearning for love'

Aug 7, 2013

Reflecting on the pornography addiction of a man recently sentenced for the abduction of three women, Bishop James Conley said... Read more

Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.).

Massive sex trafficking bust applauded by US lawmaker

Jul 30, 2013

By Kevin J. Jones

A major U.S. law enforcement operation, which saved over 100 minors from prostitution rings and arrested over 150, drew praise... Read more

Sofia Gonzalez near the town of Tequila, in Jalisco Mexico.

Young woman recalls deep pain, joy of immigrating to America

Jul 30, 2013

By Hannah Brockhaus

A young woman who immigrated to the U.S. with her family from Guadalajara, Mexico, recalls the 11 years of paperwork... Read more

Britain's online porn ban hailed as sensible solution

Jul 29, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

A British plan to apply family-friendly filters to internet connections by default has drawn praise as a thoughtful way to... Read more

School assembly in Karnataka India.

Scholar says population fears ignore history's evidence

Jul 11, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

While many population control advocates spend World Population Day deeply concerned about projected growth trends, an economist says such unchecked... Read more

Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Unknown dead buried with reverence at Catholic cemetery

Jun 6, 2013

At the Archdiocese of Denver's Mount Olivet Cemetery, no person is buried without prayers being said over them – even... Read more

Ethicist lauds Ireland's ruling against assisted suicide

May 8, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

The finding of the Irish Supreme Court that citizens have no right to assisted suicide is being welcomed by an... Read more

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Scholar says European fight against porn shows depth of problem

Apr 11, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

Recent public efforts to oppose pornography in two European countries reveal that porn is problem not only for religious reasons... Read more