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How to foster a happy marriage? Catholic online summit to promote community

Jun 11, 2020

By Perry West

A Catholic marriage ministry will host a virtual retreat this month to help couples experience joy in their marriage, especially... Read more

Costa Rican bishop disappointed in legalization of gay marriage

May 27, 2020

A Costa Rican bishop has warned that although same-sex marriage has been legalized in the country, the Catholic Church will... Read more

Theologians say there is ‘doubt’ of sacramentality in marriages between ‘baptized non-believers’

Mar 5, 2020

By Hannah Brockhaus

The International Theological Commission this week published a study into the question of whether two “baptized non-believers” can contract sacramental... Read more

More wives, fewer penalties? Utah debates partial decriminalization of polygamy

Feb 13, 2020

By Kevin J. Jones

The Utah Senate will consider a bill that would partially decriminalize polygamy after a state senate committee passed it unanimously,... Read more

Married couple holding hands. Stock image: szefei/Shutterstock

National Marriage Week highlights 'special grace' of domestic Church

Feb 10, 2020

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will once again observe National Marriage Week as part of the celebration of... Read more

Pope Francis with Justin Welby, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, in Vatican City, Oct. 27, 2017.

Church of England maintains sex guidance, despite apologizing for it

Jan 31, 2020

The Church of England will not be withdrawing its recent pastoral guidance affirming that sex is reserved for married, heterosexual... Read more

Colo. suit: Law still threatens wedding professionals who oppose gay marriage 

Jan 29, 2020

A Colorado web designer is challenging a state law she says could be enforced against her if she doesn’t create... Read more

Supreme Court of the Philippines rejects petition to legalize same-sex marriage

Jan 6, 2020

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has reiterated its dismissal of a petition to redefine marriage in the country to... Read more

Marriage enrichment initiative geared toward military couples

Dec 31, 2019

By Perry West

A global marriage ministry is launching a new initiative to provide resources, encouragement and enrichment opportunities for military couples in... Read more

Strong online boundaries make for the happiest relationships, study finds

Dec 27, 2019

By Mary Farrow

Cutting ties with old flames, before the internet, used to be easy.  Read more

Mentors are key in program to get civilly married couples back to Church

Dec 24, 2019

By Mary Farrow

When Mary Rose Verret first welcomed Douglas and Elizabeth into her home, Douglas’ boots squished with the sewage he worked... Read more

Indian wedding.

Catholic Church in India launches website to help widows remarry

Nov 20, 2019

The Catholic Church in Kerala is hoping to help widows in India - who often suffer from social stigmas -... Read more

Despite the hype, non-monogamy is far from common, researcher says

Nov 6, 2019

On October 24, CBS published a 20-minute documentary following the lives of several different groups of people in polyamorous relationships,... Read more

Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal.

Hong Kong court says redefining marriage is beyond its authority

Oct 18, 2019

A court in Hong Kong has ruled against the recognition of same-sex partnerships, upholding the government’s policy of not recognizing... Read more

Mexican pilgrims at the General Audience in St. Peter's Square, Sept. 21, 2016.

Court orders Mexican Senate to take up pro-family constitutional amendment bill

Sep 9, 2019

A Mexican federal circuit court has ordered the country's Senate to consider a pro-family constitutional amendment bill filed more than... Read more

Marriage is 'colorblind' but not 'sex-blind', says Catholic author

Sep 5, 2019

By Mary Farrow

After a wedding venue employee in Mississippi cited her Christian beliefs in refusing to host the wedding of a mixed-race... Read more

APA launches task force to reduce stigma of 'ethical' polyamorous relationships

Jul 11, 2019

People who practice consensual polygamy are the focus of a special task force recently launched by the American Psychological Association,... Read more

March for Life and Family in Ecuador June 22, 2019. ACI Prensa.

Ecuador march protests abortion, gay marriage

Jun 24, 2019

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador on June 22 in support of life, marriage, conscience protections,... Read more

How the Church can better respond to the problem of domestic violence

Jun 23, 2019

By Mary Farrow

This Sunday, in Catholic parishes across the country, one in four women sitting in the pews will have experienced severe... Read more

North Mexican state rejects attempt to redefine marriage

Jun 20, 2019

On Tuesday, the legislature in the state of Sinaloa in northern Mexico rejected a bill which sought to redefine marriage.  Read more