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Cost of raising children a major obstacle for US families, study finds

The overwhelming majority of U.S. families with children at home worry about paying their bills each month, and the cost... Read more

Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage

The people of Taiwan voted against the recognition of same-sex marriage in a series of referendums last weekend, reinforcing the... Read more

Pope Francis at the general audience Oct 31, 2018.

Pope Francis calls faithful married love 'revolutionary'

Faithful married love, in which a husband loves his wife like Christ loves the Church, is “revolutionary,” Pope Francis said... Read more

How a new study says premarital sex affects marital happiness

People who have had only one lifetime sexual partner have happier marriages than people with two or more lifetime partners,... Read more

Pope Francis greets a married couple at a Wednesday General Audience.

Pope Francis: Marriage prep should be more than a few parish meetings

In his general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis said that engaged couples require “careful preparation” for the lifelong fidelity that marriage... Read more

40 percent of U.S. children born to unmarried parents, rate increasing worldwide

New data shows that an increasing number of babies worldwide are born to unmarried parents.  Read more

A happy couple holding hands.

Millennials staying married at a higher rate

Philip Cohen, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland, released an analysis Sept. 15 which drew on census data... Read more

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In Romania, marriage referendum headed for national vote

A referendum on the definition of marriage appears headed for a national vote in Romania. The ballot measure, strongly support... Read more

Marriage of Jéssica and Fernando. Photo courtesy of Michelly Emily J Souza.

Hospital wedding of terminally ill woman a powerful witness, priest says

The recent wedding of a young Brazilian woman with terminal cancer was a powerful witness to the sacrifice and permanence... Read more

Costa Rican bishops deplore ruling legalizing gay marriage

The Costa Rican Bishops' Conference lamented a ruling by the Constitutional Chamber of the nation's Supreme Court which mandated legal... Read more

How family structure affects the likelihood of child abuse

Amid a renewed public conversation about what can be done to keep children safe from abuse, studies show that unstable... Read more

Bishop: Marriage is for life, so choose wisely

A thriving and holy marriage depends on choosing a suitable spouse, having realistic expectations for the difficulties of marriage, and... Read more

Pope Francis celebrates a wedding in Vatican City, July 14, 2018. Photo: provided by Fr. Arnoldo Rodrigues

Surprise! Pope Francis unexpectedly celebrates Vatican wedding

Pope Francis surprised wedding guests Saturday when he unexpectedly celebrated a marriage being held at a small chapel in the... Read more

More Americans are living together and having babies before they get married

While the average age of first marriages is higher than ever before, more Americans are cohabiting and having children outside... Read more

Christian law school loses religious freedom claim at Canadian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Friday that law societies in the country could deny licensing to a proposed... Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce their engagement at The Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace in London, Nov. 27, 2017.

The royal engagement: What Catholics should know

In 1936, when British King Edward VIII declared that he was intended to marry Wallis Simpson, he abdicated the throne.  Read more

How a new Utah law is promoting marriage prep classes

Utah is encouraging its citizens to better prepare for marriage by discounting the cost of marriage licenses for couples who... Read more

Legalizing divorce would devastate families, warn Philippines bishops

As the Philippines considers legalizing divorce, the nation’s bishops are speaking out against the measure, warning that it would be... Read more

What's in it for men? The benefits of getting married

While the phrase “ball and chain” is still sometimes tossed around by those who view marriage as a burden, a... Read more

Young US adults are not tying the knot, recent study shows

According to a recent study, wedding bells are not ringing for the majority of younger adults in the United States,... Read more