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The facade of St. Peter's Basilica, as seen from the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

Vatican Appointments: Cardinal Versaldi to Congregation for Catholic Education

Mar 31, 2015

Tuesday's appointment of Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi as prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, together with Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki's... Read more

Pope Francis in Paul VI Hall on March 16, 2013.

You are not 'lords of the manor': Pope Francis' tough words to curia

Dec 24, 2014

Pope Francis issued a strong message to members of the curia this week, warning them against careerism and urging them... Read more

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

Cardinal advisors discuss Curia reform, protection of minors

Dec 12, 2014

By Andrea Gagliarducci

Efforts to reform the Roman Curia have moved forward with the latest round of Vatican meetings and will continue next... Read more

Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, in St. Peter's Square, March 24, 2013.

Cardinal Sarah appointment paves the way for new Curia

Nov 24, 2014

Cardinal Robert Sarah has been appointed as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments... Read more

 Opening Session of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican on Oct. 6, 2014.

Top Vatican jobs: The 'Francis effect' on the Roman Curia

Nov 10, 2014

By Andrea Gagliarducci

The latest round of major appointments to top positions in the Vatican hierarchy shows that change is afoot as Pope... Read more

St. Peter's Square.

Curia reform advances as cardinals, minors protection group meet

Sep 18, 2014

By Andrea Gagliarducci

As Pope Francis' council of cardinals for curia reform gather this week in Rome, the newly-created Pontifical Commission for Protection... Read more

Archbishop Carlos Osoro was appointed August 28, 2014 as Archbishop of Madrid, Spain.

Choice of new Madrid archbishop marks new course for Spain's bishops

Aug 29, 2014

The appointment of Carlos Osoro Sierra as the new Archbishop of Madrid is another step forward in the renewal of... Read more

Fr. Federico Lombardi

Council of cardinals begin third set of reform meetings

Feb 17, 2014

By Elise Harris

Meeting for the third time since its institution, the Council of Eight has reconvened in Rome to address the economic... Read more

Pope Francis gives an exclusive interview to Italian newspaper La Stampa on Dec. 15, 2013.

New Pope interview touches on Church political reform

Dec 16, 2013

By Andrea Gagliarducci

Pope Francis' recent interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa Dec. 15 addressed some of the more political issues in the... Read more

St. Peter's Basilica.

Human resources review expected in Vatican departments

Nov 19, 2013

By Andrea Gagliarducci

At least 30 priests employed in Vatican departments may be removed from their posts and sent to dioceses in the... Read more

St. Peter's Basilica.

Curia reform may increase Congregations, reduce Pontifical Councils

Oct 30, 2013

By Andrea Gagliarducci

Pope Francis' reform of the Roman Curia is expected to produce a new document regulating the body, and to reduce... Read more

Cardinals greet each other after the consistory on Nov. 24, 2012 in St. Peter's Basilica.

Curia vision will be one of 'service' to Pope, local Churches

Oct 10, 2013

By Elise Harris

After the conclusion of their meetings, two cardinals from Pope Francis' group of eight reveal that curia reform will largely... Read more

Fr. Federico Lombardi.

Curial reform, role of laity top subjects in council meetings

Oct 3, 2013

By Elise Harris

In their final day of meetings with Pope Francis, the group of eight cardinals defined concrete steps in curial reform... Read more

Pope Francis during his general audience on Sept. 25, 2013.

Pope experienced a 'great light' before accepting the papacy

Oct 1, 2013

By Elise Harris

In a recent interview, Pope Francis shared a mystical experience he had shortly before accepting the role as Bishop of... Read more

Fr. Federico Lombardi.

Pope Francis, cardinals begin first set of reform meetings

Sep 30, 2013

By Elise Harris

The council of eight cardinals chosen by Pope Francis to advise him on church governance and curia reform will begin... Read more

St. Peter's Basilica.

Minor appointments by Pope Francis signs of Curial reform

Aug 16, 2013

By Andrea Gagliarducci

A series of seemingly minor appointments may be the forerunners of a Pope Francis “revolution” in the Roman Curia, centered... Read more

Pope Francis visits with Vatican workers on August 9, 2013.

Pope spending vacation season visiting, planning

Aug 9, 2013

This summer the Vatican is finding out what it’s like to have a Pope in residence during the hottest weeks... Read more

St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican.

New Vatican Secretary of State may be appointed soon

Jun 28, 2013

By Andrea Gagliarducci

Rumors have emerged that Archbishop Pietro Parolin, apostolic nuncio to Venezuela, will shortly be appointed as the Vatican's Secretary of... Read more

Pope Francis at the Wednesday general audience in St. Peter's Square on June 5, 2013.

Pope Francis personally initiated Vatican bank commission

Jun 26, 2013

By Andrea Gagliarducci

The appointment of a new Pontifical Commission to advise Pope Francis about the Institute for Religious Works, usually called the... Read more

Cardinals greet each other after the consistory Nov 24 in St. Peter's Basilica.

Pope's Curia reform council reflects Church diversity

Apr 19, 2013

The eight cardinals Pope Francis has chosen to advise him on church governance and reform of the Curia come from... Read more