St. Martha Mass

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Pope Francis preaches April 17, 2013 in the chapel of St. Martha's residence.

Spirit prevents 'Nobel Prize for Holiness' thoughts, Pope says

The Holy Spirit helps Christians remember their personal history so they do not think they are “a winner of the... Read more

Pope Francis gives the homily during Mass on Friday morning, May 10, 2013 in the Casa Santa Marta chapel.

Pope: Sad Christian faces are like pickled peppers

Pope Francis underscored the importance of being joyful by contrasting sad Christian faces – which are more like “pickled peppers”... Read more


Good Christians don't whine about suffering, Pope says

Reflecting on how St. Paul endured pain for Christ, Pope Francis said that good Christians do not complain about their... Read more


Pope suggests daily Holy Spirit review

Pope Francis said people should ask themselves what the Holy Spirit did within them at the end of each day.  Read more

Pope Francis celebrates Mass on May 3, 2013 with some of the Swiss Guard.

Pope warns against lukewarm faith with personal story

In keeping with his style, Pope Francis cautioned about the dangers of a lukewarm faith by telling a childhood story... Read more


Pope: 'yes' to Holy Spirit prevents division

Pope Francis said that Church divisions begin when it does not say ‘yes’ to the Holy Spirit and allow it... Read more


Pope targets worldly Church as biggest threat

The “greatest danger” for the Church is if it becomes worldly, since this prevents her from communicating the message of... Read more


Confessional not a 'dry cleaner,' says Pope

Pope Francis said the Sacrament of Confession does not work like a dry cleaner but is a moment in which... Read more


Pope says life is 'journey of preparation' for heaven

“The whole journey of life is a journey of preparation” for heaven, Pope Francis said during his homily at Friday... Read more


No room for self-promoters in God's kingdom, Pope says

Pope Francis warned that some people, even in the Church, are “social climbers” that try to promote themselves, instead of... Read more


Being Christian means risking following Jesus, Pope teaches

Lukewarm Christians try to build a church that conforms to their own common sense and see too much risk in... Read more