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Silhouette of a doctor walking in a hurry in the hospital corridor.

Seattle bishops to 'review' blessing of assisted suicide advocate

Aug 27, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

The Archdiocese of Seattle is facing questions after a local man received a formal Catholic blessing at Mass shortly before... Read more

Silhouette of a doctor walking in a hurry in the hospital corridor.

Canadian man receives assisted death after funding cut for in-home care

Aug 16, 2019

The family of a Canadian man with ALS is urging the country’s government to change the way it treats patients after he received a... Read more

New Jersey judge temporarily blocks assisted suicide law

Aug 16, 2019

A judge in New Jersey has temporarily halted a law allowing physician assisted suicide, which had gone into effect August... Read more

At watershed moment, assisted suicide could expand in Australia

Aug 6, 2019

Legal assisted suicide could expand in Australia, as the Western Australian government has introduced legislation to allow people deemed terminally... Read more

Bishop James Checchio of Metuchen.

Bishop calls assisted suicide ‘affront to the dignity of life’ on eve of legalization

Jul 30, 2019

Bishop James E. Checchio of Metuchen described assisted suicide as “a grievous affront to the dignity of human life” that... Read more

Where hospices are at their worst, Christians have a mission

Jul 12, 2019

By Kevin J. Jones

In the wake of terrible conditions of negligence and abuse reported at some U.S. hospice facilities, several Catholic doctors are... Read more

Blaine House, the official residence of the Governor of Maine. Via Shutterstock

Maine advances assisted suicide law

Jun 5, 2019

A bill legalizing assisted suicide in Maine moved to the governor’s desk on Tuesday after both houses of the state’s... Read more

Senior man holding hand of his ill wife.

Ending isolation key to fighting assisted suicide, Catholic health group founder says

Apr 24, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

The founder of a Catholic health-share group has said that battling loneliness is crucial to opposing the growing acceptance of... Read more

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy at the 2018 Ripple Of Hope Awards.

Catholic governor signs assisted suicide law 'after careful prayer'

Apr 15, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

Gov. Phil Murphy signed the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act into law on April 15, as... Read more

New Jersey state capitol building in Trenton.

New Jersey legislature passes bill legalizing assisted suicide

Mar 26, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

New Jersey is set to become the latest state to legalize assisted suicide, as both chambers of the state legislature... Read more

Disability rights activists protest assisted suicide bills as dangerous, discriminatory

Mar 23, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

As multiple states consider assisted suicide legislation, disability activists are speaking out, saying the bills are slippery slopes that put... Read more

Assisted suicide threatens the entire medical profession, Maryland doctor warns

Feb 19, 2019

Assisted suicide contradicts the foundations of medical ethics, violates the basic standards of medical care, and threatens people who most... Read more

Catholics in Maryland protest assisted suicide bill

Feb 5, 2019

An assisted suicide bill has been introduced in the Maryland legislature, and opposed groups have criticized the bill for its... Read more

'Induced' deaths rise in Netherlands, sparking concerns from doctors, ethicists

Jan 22, 2019

Legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide have the longest history in the Netherlands: 17 years ago, the two practices became legal,... Read more

New Mexico bill could allow 'suicide tourism,' critics warn

Jan 8, 2019

Proposed legislation in New Mexico could legalize assisted suicide in the state, and may even allow for the prescription of... Read more

CA assisted suicide law remains in legal limbo

Nov 29, 2018

A California court of appeals overturned Tuesday a lower court’s ruling that had put the state’s assisted suicide law in... Read more

Virginia Catholics praise dismissal of assisted suicide by state legislature

Nov 15, 2018

Virginia Catholics are praising the decision of a joint commission of the state legislature to take no action on a... Read more

Neutrality on assisted suicide is the wrong prescription, Catholic doctors say

Oct 19, 2018

By Kevin J. Jones

The American Academy of Family Physicians has taken a neutral position on assisted suicide and will lobby the American Medical... Read more

Canadian bishops: Keep palliative care distinct from assisted suicide

Aug 11, 2018

In the age of legal assisted suicide and euthanasia, palliative care must remain as a distinct form of care that... Read more

Canadian man says he asked for home care, was offered assisted suicide

Aug 7, 2018

A Canadian man suffering from an incurable disease claims that despite asking for home care, the medical team at an... Read more