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The Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest.

Could Hungary find an unexpected ally in the Holy See?

The country is under fire for a new law touching on homosexuality. Read more

Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Vatican secretary for relations with states.

Vatican ‘foreign minister’: ‘We are against the idea that abortion could be a human right’

Archbishop Paul Gallagher made the comment during a trip to Portugal. Read more

European Parliament.

Catholic groups criticize abortion report backed by European Parliament

Fourteen organizations said they stood united in the defense of human life. Read more

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki of Poznań.

Catholic bishops lament European Parliament abortion vote

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki said the vote signaled that the EU was embracing “a culture of death and exclusion.” Read more

A plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

European Parliament backs ‘extreme’ abortion report despite protests

The report describes abortion as “essential healthcare” and seeks to redefine conscientious objection as a “denial of medical care.” Read more

The European Parliament building in Brussels, Belgium.

Christian legal group denounces ‘targeted smear campaign’

ADF International was responding to a European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights report. Read more

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, president of the Polish bishops’ conference, pictured in Warsaw Feb. 12, 2020.

Polish Catholic archbishop urges European Parliament to reject abortion report

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki made the appeal on the eve of a crucial vote. Read more