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Jessica Tapia displays a sign outside the Garden Grove Unified School District board meeting on behalf of the Teachers Don’t Lie program.

California teacher fired for religious beliefs gets six-figure payout in court

May 16, 2024

By Kate Quiñones

After refusing to comply with a preferred pronoun rule, Jessica Tapia was fired by the Jurupa Unified School District from... Read more

Clockwise, from top left: Catholic actor Jonathan Roumie, Cardinal Stephen Chow of Hong Kong, Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Father Mike Schmitz of Duluth, Minnesota, will address the Class of 2024.

Class of ’24: Commencement speakers range from ‘The Chosen’ actor to a Catholic cardinal

May 10, 2024

By Jim Graves

Catholic actor Jonathan Roumie, Cardinal Stephen Chow of Hong Kong, and Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs will address... Read more


Chaplains in public schools? Florida’s Catholic bishops ‘pleased’ by new law

Apr 30, 2024

By Matt McDonald

Florida’s bishops are welcoming a new law that allows public schools in the state to have volunteer chaplains. Read more

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey held a news conference to sign school choice legislation on March 7, 2024, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Legislative update: The 5 states taking up private school choice bills in 2024

Mar 25, 2024

By Kate Quiñones

More than 13.7% of Catholic school students nationwide use school choice program funding to help with tuition, according to the... Read more

Susan Lutzke, an alumna of St. Bede School, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than one month for her former Catholic institution.

Teen hits major fundraising feat in attempt to save her childhood Catholic school

Jan 17, 2024

By Joe Bukuras

Seventeen-year-old senior Susan Lutzke may have successfully saved her childhood Catholic school from closing after raising more than $400,000. Read more


Colorado parents protest after daughter told to share bed with male student on school trip

Dec 6, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

The incident occurred over the summer on a cross-country overnight trip when the girl was assigned to sleep in the... Read more

Parents protest the Montgomery County School Board's policy blocking them from opting out their children from pro-homosexual and transgender materials.

Maryland parents argue for right to opt children out of LGBT curriculum in appeals court

Dec 5, 2023

By Peter Pinedo

The parents sued the Montgomery County Board of Education on May 24 after it changed its parental notification and opt-out... Read more

Coromoto 2020 seeks to empower teachers from the most needy communities in Venezuela.

Catholics work to improve precarious state of public education in Venezuela

Nov 29, 2023

By Andrés Henríquez

The Venezuelan organization of Catholic faithful “Coromoto 2020” provides scholarships to teachers from public and parochial schools in Carayaca. Read more

Flag of the People's Republic of China.

China’s new ‘Patriotic Education Law’ places further limits on religious instruction

Nov 9, 2023

By Matthew Santucci

The new law would require churches and religious groups to adapt their educational activities to promote the party’s official ideology. Read more


Texas school choice bill draws support from state Catholic conference

Nov 1, 2023

By Jonah McKeown

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday that he had reached an agreement with Texas House leadership on the school choice bill. Read more


Portland Archdiocese: New office will integrate schools into evangelization mission

Oct 20, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

The Archdiocese of Portland has launched a new office focused on bringing diocesan schools more fully into the Church’s mission... Read more

The Romeike family fled from Germany in order to homeschool their children, and now faces deportation from the U.S.

Congress members urge DOJ to reject deportation of German family who sought asylum in US

Oct 6, 2023

By Daniel Payne

The Romeikes were granted deferred action status in 2013 after conflicts with the German government about home-schooling their children. Read more


California governor signs bills that would penalize schools that refuse to teach LGBT content

Sep 27, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

One bill would centralize state authority over school curricula by fining schools that restrict books that discuss homosexuality and gender... Read more


‘This is the beginning’: Florida university system adopts Classic Learning Test

Sep 18, 2023

By Daniel Payne

The State University System of Florida announced earlier this month that it will accept the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as... Read more


As a new school year begins, Catholic groups draw battle lines in culture war

Sep 2, 2023

By Daniel Payne

Several Catholic organizations and activist efforts are working to push back on the extreme ideologies in much of public schooling. Read more


Muslim, Christian parents rally outside Maryland courthouse for students’ religious rights

Aug 10, 2023

By Tyler Arnold, Peter Pinedo

Parents are fighting back against the Montgomery County Board of Education for mandating instruction of materials the parents say conflict... Read more

Apple, books, schools supplies /

National data shows U.S. students still ‘stalled’ after pandemic

Jul 12, 2023

By Daniel Payne

The NWEA noted that the decline was sharper than what was observed in 2021-2022. Read more

The exterior of Georgetown University's School of Medicine in Washington, D.C.

Catholic higher ed still open to all, bishops say after Supreme Court blocks affirmative action

Jul 10, 2023

By Kevin J. Jones

“It is our hope that our Catholic institutions of higher learning will continue to find ways to make education possible... Read more

Sister Cyril Mooney, an Irish sister who changed education for impoverished children throughout India has died at age 86.

 Irish nun who changed education for India’s poorest children dies

Jun 28, 2023

By Francesca Pollio Fenton

Winner of the prestigious Padma Shri award, Sister Cyril Mooney’s school model was adopted by the entire country of India. Read more

Parental and religious freedom rights advocates, including a group of Muslim parents, on June 6, 2023, protest a Maryland school system policy that removes parents’ authority to opt their children out of homosexual and transgender coursework.

Muslim-led parents’ group protests LGBT curriculum mandate in Maryland school system

Jun 8, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

Muslim parents protested a Maryland school system’s policy that removes parents’ authority to opt their children out of LGBT coursework. Read more