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A doctor carries out a medical examination of Bishop Rolando Álvarez  on Jan. 2, 2024.

Dictatorship in Nicaragua posts photos of Bishop Álvarez after U.S. calls for his release

Jan 3, 2024

By Diego López Marina

The dictatorship on Jan. 2 released recent images of the Bishop Rolando Álvarez shortly after the United States government demanded... Read more

Some photographs of Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez disseminated by the dictatorship of Nicaragua in November 2023.

Nicaraguan dictatorship releases new photos, video of imprisoned Bishop Álvarez

Nov 30, 2023

By Walter Sánchez Silva

In response to demands for proof that Bishop Rolando Álvarez is still alive, Nicaraguan officials released new images of the... Read more

Bishop Rolando Álvarez of Matalgalpa, Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan human rights advocate asks British Parliament to help release Bishop Álvarez

Nov 17, 2023

By Walter Sánchez Silva

Former Nicaraguan presidential candidate Félix Maradiaga recently visited the British Parliament and asked for support in freeing Nicaragua’s political prisoners. Read more

Félix Maradiaga, a former presidential candidate in Nicaragua and president of the Foundation for the Freedom of Nicaragua, in June 2021.

Exiled Nicaraguan opposition leader to help make criminal case against Daniel Ortega

Aug 30, 2023

By Julieta Villar

Félix Maradiaga’s visit is part of a strategy to consolidate international pressure against the Sandinista dictatorship in Nicaragua. Read more

Father Fernando Zamora Silva.

5 years after massacre, Nicaragua dictatorship arrests priest, blocks return of another

Jul 11, 2023

By Walter Sánchez Silva

On Sunday, July 9, Father Fernando Zamora Silva was reportedly “arbitrarily arrested” in the city of Managua where he was... Read more

The Trappist Sisters of Nicaragua announced Feb. 27, 2023, that they are leaving Nicaragua for Panama.

Dictatorship in Nicaragua confiscates monastery and arrests 20 people during Holy Week

Apr 13, 2023

By Walter Sánchez Silva

The Trappist sisters of Nicaragua, who left the country in February, reported that the government told the bishop of Juigalpa... Read more