Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones is a senior staff writer with Catholic News Agency. He was a recipient of a 2014 Catholic Relief Services' Egan Journalism Fellowship.

Articles by Kevin J. Jones

Gender theory confusion shows need for papal encyclical, Dutch cardinal says

Nov 16, 2022 / 07:30 am

Extreme forms of gender theory have become so influential that a papal encyclical should address the topic, Dutch Cardinal Willem Eijk said.

What Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel teaches us about God’s creation, woman and man

Nov 15, 2022 / 09:00 am

Michelangelo’s artistic masterpiece broke new ground in portraying the dynamic creative acts of God, art historian Elizabeth Lev said.

Arkansas’ narrow defeat of religious freedom proposal has a backstory

Nov 14, 2022 / 15:29 pm

As of Friday, 50.43% of voters rejected Issue 3, the Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment.

‘We weep with Jesus’: Catholic bishops lament pro-abortion ballot victories

Nov 11, 2022 / 08:00 am

As pro-abortion measures won on state ballots and pro-life measures faced defeat, Catholic bishops responded to election results with profound disappointment.

With no pro-life laws, Colorado sees abortion numbers spike

Nov 8, 2022 / 12:35 pm

A new study has shown that the number of abortions in Colorado has spiked, in part because more women come from out of state seeking to procure abortions.

Soros, Bloomberg pump millions into Michigan abortion push

Nov 7, 2022 / 14:15 pm

Billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, joined by a “dark money” group, are funding Michigan’s Proposal 3 to make abortion a state constitutional right.

Prayer rally to defeat Michigan abortion amendment is victim of ‘pro-choice cyber attack’

Nov 4, 2022 / 16:00 pm

Organizers of the pro-life rally had asked attendees to register to help with preparations, but phony registrations came in from IP addresses in other states.

FBI: New Jersey synagogues face credible ‘broad threat’

Nov 3, 2022 / 17:00 pm

“The FBI has received credible information of a broad threat to synagogues in NJ,” the Newark office of the FBI said on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Irish priest reprimanded by bishop for homilies about sin

Nov 2, 2022 / 14:30 pm

In his sermon, the Irish priest said “you rarely hear about sin, but it’s rampant,” adding: “We see it in the promotion of abortion. We see it for example in this lunatic approach of transgenderism.”

Chicago Catholics bury the remains of indigent adults and unborn babies in annual ceremony

Nov 1, 2022 / 15:10 pm

“We come here to mourn the loss of 202 souls … who were in need of a sense of compassion in the world,” Father Lawrence Sullivan, the archdiocese's cemetery director, said.

Will war chaplain Willie Doyle be Ireland’s next saint?

Oct 31, 2022 / 17:15 pm

Doyle was an Irish military chaplain for the British Army who served heroically on the battlefields of World War I and died trying to rescue two Protestant soldiers.

Irish bishop-to-be encourages ‘new generation’ of Christian witness

Oct 28, 2022 / 16:35 pm

Father Niall Coll, a parish priest and longtime university professor from the north side of Ireland, is Pope Francis’ choice to head the country’s southeastern Diocese of Ossory.

Canada census shows 2 million fewer Catholics as disaffiliation grows

Oct 27, 2022 / 19:00 pm

The Catholic population in Canada has declined by almost 2 million people in the last 10 years, the Canadian census has found in a report.

Uvalde schoolkids send letters to Pope Francis — and he sends his blessings

Oct 27, 2022 / 13:50 pm

The letters, many of which included drawings, come from Uvalde’s Sacred Heart Catholic School, where many Robb Elementary students transferred.

Mark your calendars! International Eucharistic Congress set for September 2024

Oct 26, 2022 / 15:30 pm

The theme of the next International Eucharistic Congress, to be held in Quito, Ecuador, will be the healing power of Christian fraternity.

UK government funds abortion in Northern Ireland as pro-life groups object

Oct 25, 2022 / 20:00 pm

Chris Heaton-Harris, secretary of state for Northern Ireland, said Monday that the U.K. government will “ensure the commissioning of abortion services.”

Biden ‘gravely wrong’ to push abortion, Catholic bishops say

Oct 25, 2022 / 17:00 pm

President Joe Biden, a professed Catholic, must end his “single-minded” abortion extremism and see the humanity in unborn children, the U.S. bishops said.

Is new Pontifical Academy of Life appointee pro-abortion? She won’t say

Oct 25, 2022 / 12:00 pm

Sheila Dinotshe Tlou is an outspoken advocate of artificial birth control, which the Catholic Church says is morally unacceptable.

Islamist rebels kill nun, six others at Catholic hospital in DR Congo

Oct 21, 2022 / 17:00 pm

A Catholic nun serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was among the seven people killed Wednesday evening when gunmen aligned with the Islamic State attacked a Catholic mission hospital in a raid.

Another Pontifical Academy for Life member criticizes overturning Roe v. Wade

Oct 21, 2022 / 13:00 pm

Bioethicist Roberto Dell’Oro argues that the Dobbs decision violates women’s “autonomy.”