Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones is a senior staff writer with Catholic News Agency. He was a recipient of a 2014 Catholic Relief Services' Egan Journalism Fellowship.

Articles by Kevin J. Jones

World Youth Day organizers say Michael Voris catechesis not approved

Jul 26, 2011 / 07:47 am

World Youth Day organizers said July 25 that the independent catechesis sessions offered by U.S.-based media producer Michael Voris during World Youth Day 2011 are not approved by the event. Voris responded with puzzlement that the announcement was made.

After abuse report, Vatican recalls nuncio to Ireland for consultation

Jul 25, 2011 / 15:46 pm

The Vatican has recalled its apostolic nuncio in Ireland to Rome for consultations after the release of the Cloyne Report on priests’ abuse of minors in the Diocese of Cloyne. The recall is a sign of the Holy See’s seriousness in addressing the issue, a Vatican spokesman said.

World Youth Day Madrid to counter secularized culture

Jul 22, 2011 / 00:08 am

In August Pope Benedict XVI will visit a Spain that faces aggressive secularism and controversies concerning abortion, sexual ethics and marriage. But World Youth Day organizers hope the event can trigger a revival of faith.

Step forward to defend DOMA from repeal, bishops' official urges

Jul 21, 2011 / 04:07 am

Following President Barack Obama’s backing of a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), an official with the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference says Catholics and others cannot take the legislation for granted but should be prepared to defend it.

Bishops oppose mandatory contraception and sterilization coverage

Jul 20, 2011 / 15:15 pm

The U.S. bishops “strongly oppose” a proposal to mandate coverage of surgical sterilization and all FDA-approved birth control in private health insurance plans nationwide. The mandate would undermine the good of women and children and the consciences of heath care providers, one leading bishop said.

Vatican strips media group of 'Catholic' label

Jul 20, 2011 / 04:01 am

A Catholic media organization has lost its Vatican recognition because of its leaders’ “unacceptable lack of transparency and clarity.”

California LGBT curriculum is ‘indoctrination,’ critic says

Jul 16, 2011 / 05:39 am

The California governor has signed into law a bill that will not simply require a “gay history” curriculum. It requires a form of “indoctrination” that will label Christianity as being intolerant and bigoted, one critic says.

Sisters of Mercy financial group supports Call to Action

Jul 14, 2011 / 23:04 pm

The financial management system of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas supports a Catholic dissenting group and links to a California association of clinics which refers to abortion providers.

Ohio bishop endorses anti-cancer alternatives to Komen Foundation fundraising

Jul 13, 2011 / 04:08 am

“Misgivings” about the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s association with Planned Parenthood and its “openness” to embryonic stem cell research were behind the Ohio Catholic bishops’ decision to direct fundraising efforts elsewhere, the Diocese of Toledo said.

Bishop Aquila urges sacrament of confirmation before First Eucharist

Jul 9, 2011 / 04:58 am

Bishop Samuel J. Aquila of Fargo in a recent lecture examined the sacrament of confirmation and explained his reasons for believing children should receive it before First Eucharist.

Successful Dublin pro-life rally draws thousands

Jul 7, 2011 / 04:22 am

Thousands of people attended a large pro-life rally in Dublin to oppose attempts to force abortion on Ireland by changing its laws.

Pope's first tweet brings Vatican 50,000 Twitter followers

Jul 2, 2011 / 15:32 pm

Pope Benedict XVI’s first tweet has catapulted the Vatican’s presence on Twitter to new heights.

State Department action on ‘LGBT rights’ could split Catholic countries

Jun 30, 2011 / 08:45 am

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has praised State Department action on “LGBT” rights which includes support for Gay Pride marches and a Lady Gaga concert in Rome. But two critics said U.S. advocacy is “far beyond the mainstream” and risks alienating the Church from social life in Catholic countries.

NY bishops say gay 'marriage' law could be used against churches

Jun 27, 2011 / 14:55 pm

The New York legislature’s passage of a gay “marriage” bill will undermine families and will enable efforts to sanction those who preach the true nature of marriage, the state’s Catholic bishops said June 24.

Rome to consider possible miracle of ‘Rosary Priest’

Jun 25, 2011 / 04:55 am

A possible miraculous cure attributed to Catholic media pioneer Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., could advance the beatification cause of the “Rosary Priest” known for his motto “The family that prays together, stays together.”

Deacons should preach less at Mass, Michigan bishop says

Jun 21, 2011 / 03:54 am

Permanent deacons should not preach at Mass often. Rather, they should preach at other services and serve the Church in the course of their daily witness to Christ, Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Mich. has said in a new pastoral letter on the deacon’s role in the Catholic Church.

Catholic University of America plans return to single-sex dorms

Jun 14, 2011 / 03:55 am

Catholic University of America plans to return to single-sex dormitories to reduce binge drinking and the “culture of hooking up,” university president John Garvey has announced.

Labor board denial of Catholic university's exemption could endanger religious freedom

Jun 9, 2011 / 04:35 am

A labor board ruling has denied St. Xavier University’s religious exemption from federal organizing rules on the grounds that that the Catholic university is not sufficiently religious. Critics said the ruling, the second of its kind this year, may endanger the religious freedom of Catholic institutions.

Md. Episcopal parish to join Catholic Church through ordinariate

Jun 8, 2011 / 04:06 am

The small congregation of St. Luke’s Episcopal parish in Bladensburg, Maryland will join the Catholic Church through the Anglican ordinariate structure created by Pope Benedict XVI.

Hurricanes a 'major threat' for Haiti quake victims

Jun 4, 2011 / 15:04 pm

The situation of earthquake victims in Haiti continues to improve, but cholera is still a problem and the upcoming hurricane season poses a “major threat.”