Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones is a senior staff writer with Catholic News Agency. He was a recipient of a 2014 Catholic Relief Services' Egan Journalism Fellowship.

Articles by Kevin J. Jones

Archbishop Niederauer continues recovery from heart surgery

Oct 5, 2011 / 00:28 am

Archbishop George Niederauer is recovering “as expected” from emergency double bypass surgery.

Iranian pastor’s life still in jeopardy

Oct 4, 2011 / 08:50 am

Iranian Christian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani still faces imminent execution, though officials no longer say he is charged with apostasy.

Report: Facebook, Google, Apple censor religious speech

Oct 4, 2011 / 04:15 am

Major internet media platforms and service providers have policies that hinder Christian evangelization and censor speech on controversial issues of the day like abortion and marriage, a new report says.

Observers see gay agenda threatening religious freedom

Sep 27, 2011 / 04:14 am

Legalizing “gay marriage” is having major repercussions for religious freedom, according to observers of the latest developments.

WikiLeaks exposes Cardinal Law’s work in Vatican-Vietnam relations

Sep 23, 2011 / 04:16 am

The WikiLeaks release of secret and confidential State Department cables has revealed that American Cardinal Bernard Law is actively working in Vatican-Vietnam relations. His “personal involvement” helped confirm the December 2009 meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet.

Dolores Hope remembered for deep Catholic faith

Sep 20, 2011 / 22:31 pm

Dolores Hope, the widow of entertainer Bob Hope and a supporter of many Catholic charities, was a Catholic of “deep abiding faith,” Archbishop José H. Gomez said in tribute to her life.

Teacher strike ends in Philadelphia with contract about Catholic identity

Sep 19, 2011 / 22:19 pm

Catholic high school teachers in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will return to classes after agreeing to a new contract on Sept. 19. The contract includes provisions about job security and the importance of the Catholic identity of the schools.

Vatican stresses dignity of elderly in reaction to UN report

Sep 17, 2011 / 14:40 pm

The Catholic Church’s delegation to the United Nations in Geneva has taken “strong exception” to a reference to assisted suicide in a special report on the place of the elderly in society, despite its agreement with other aspects of the report.

Teachers’ strike closes Philadelphia Catholic high schools

Sep 15, 2011 / 03:10 am

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia says there is “steady progress” in negotiations with the Catholic high school teachers’ union, but its high schools must shut down until an agreement is reached with the teachers’ union.

Regis University reacts to Colorado contraception mandate

Sep 14, 2011 / 03:28 am

Though a new Colorado law mandates contraceptive coverage in its student health plan, Denver’s Regis University has reaffirmed that it will not provide or refer for contraceptives.

On Sept. 11, Catholic bishops reflect on event’s spiritual implications

Sep 13, 2011 / 03:53 am

On the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, leading American Catholic bishops mourned the dead, commemorated their sacrifices and looked for signs of renewal and resurrection.

Ten years later, World Trade Center cross still consoles

Sep 10, 2011 / 15:49 pm

The World Trade Center cross is still a “sign of comfort” to many people, says the Franciscan priest who describes himself as its “unofficial guardian.”

Lack of clergy at Sept. 11 memorial prompts separate prayer event

Sep 10, 2011 / 05:18 am

Some Christian ministers have objected to the 9/11 Memorial Service’s failure to include members of the clergy and have scheduled a public prayer service for the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Raleigh diocese announces new Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

Sep 7, 2011 / 22:55 pm

The Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina plans to build a new 2,000-seat cathedral, dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge announced Sept.7.

Opponents: Calif. vaccine bill will give taxpayer boost to drug companies

Sep 7, 2011 / 14:58 pm

California Gov. Jerry Brown should veto a bill allowing 12-year-olds to consent to STD vaccinations or treatment without their parents’ knowledge, bill opponents say. They warn that the bill violates parents’ rights and could give pharmaceutical companies $360 per child vaccinated, at taxpayer expense.

Vatican phone numbers not revealed in WikiLeaks cable dump

Sep 6, 2011 / 14:45 pm

A WikiLeaks release of leaked State Department cables has drawn criticism for exposing sensitive diplomatic information. However, the massive release did not reveal confidential Vatican phone numbers but contained information already available in the city state’s public directory.

D.C. Padres baseball team promotes priestly vocations

Sep 2, 2011 / 04:02 am

A baseball team of 11 Catholic priests and seminarians from the Archdiocese of Washington will play a team of high school and college varsity players to help promote vocations. The team’s first baseman, Fr. Larry Young, can’t wait for the game.

Catholic Charities organizes help for Irene’s victims

Aug 30, 2011 / 23:21 pm

As Catholic Charities agencies respond in the aftermath of the hurricane and tropical storm Irene, Bishop Salvatore R. Matano of Burlington has expressed his “prayerful support” for Vermonters suffering the storm’s effects.

Calif. bill draws fire for letting children consent to STD vaccines

Aug 30, 2011 / 04:14 am

Public action is needed to defeat a California bill that would allow children as young as 12 to consent to Gardasil vaccines without parental permission. Opponents say the proposal is a violation of parents’ rights and is motivated by the desire to prepare children for sexual activity.

North Carolina Catholics prepare for Hurricane Irene’s wake

Aug 26, 2011 / 15:30 pm

Catholics in North Carolina are preparing to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.