Michelle La Rosa

Michelle La Rosa

Michelle La Rosa is deputy editor-in-chief of Catholic News Agency. She has worked for CNA since 2011. She studied political philosophy and journalism at the University of Dallas.

Articles by Michelle La Rosa

Court ordered to hear Christian college's health care challenge

Nov 26, 2012 / 15:48 pm

The Supreme Court has ordered a federal court of appeals to consider a Christian college's claim that its religious freedom is threatened by forced funding of abortion under the health care reform law.

Priest takes food stamp challenge in solidarity with poor

Nov 22, 2012 / 16:06 pm

The head of Catholic Charities in D.C. recently experienced the struggle of low-income families relying on food stamps, noting that Christian charity lends vital support to those in need.

Author says society's marriage discussion must remember children

Nov 20, 2012 / 04:17 am

Catholics seeking to build up a strong culture of marriage must focus on promoting a healthy understanding of it rather than simply fighting against attacks, according to the author of a new book on discussing marriage.

Archbishop Chaput says Year of Faith holds solution to relativism

Nov 19, 2012 / 11:58 am

The current Year of Faith is an opportunity to counter the cultural relativism that plagues modern society and that has led many in the Church to deny Catholic teaching on important topics, said Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia.

Catholic donor group picks controversial Obama advisor as new head

Nov 17, 2012 / 17:11 pm

An organization of Catholic donors has chosen Alexia K. Kelley, an Obama policy advisor with connections to abortion-supporting politicians and a controversial advocacy group, as its new president and CEO.

Dorothy Day sainthood cause finds strong support from bishops

Nov 15, 2012 / 02:02 am

The U.S. bishops heartily approved the advancement of the cause for canonization of Dorothy Day, a 20th century Catholic convert, pacifist and advocate for the poor.

US bishops say homilies should invite Catholics to conversion

Nov 14, 2012 / 18:04 pm

Sunday homilies should promote repentance, instill a sense of mission and lead Catholics to grow in understanding their faith, the U.S. bishops said in a new document on preaching.

Bishops renew call for comprehensive immigration reform

Nov 14, 2012 / 16:03 pm

The U.S. bishops are reiterating their appeal to President Obama and the newly elected members of Congress to enact just and humane immigration reform within the coming year.

Bishops nix economy statement; approve preaching, confession documents

Nov 14, 2012 / 03:55 am

Although they shelved a strongly debated statement on the economy, the U.S. bishops’ approved moving ahead with the reorganization of their communications department, and the publication of documents on preaching and confession.

Religious liberty defense must be long-term, Archbishop Lori declares

Nov 13, 2012 / 16:26 pm

The strong protection of Americans’ religious freedom requires a long-term commitment to formation and education, particularly of young people, the U.S. bishops' leader on religious liberty issues said.

Election shows need to better present marriage beliefs

Nov 13, 2012 / 15:32 pm

Bishops and Catholics must work to better deliver the Church's teaching on marriage in light of the recent U.S. elections, said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York.

Pope's representative calls on US Church for New Evangelization

Nov 13, 2012 / 04:00 am

The Church in the United States and its bishops should play a major role in the New Evangelization by presenting the gospel values they maintain amidst a secular culture, the Pope’s representative to the U.S. said.

Church cannot live with contraception mandate, bishops say

Nov 12, 2012 / 15:54 pm

In the aftermath of the Nov. 6 elections, the U.S. bishops stressed that they will push ahead with defending religious liberty from the Obama administration’s contraception mandate, which cannot be lived with as it stands.

Cardinal Dolan calls bishops to conversion at annual meeting

Nov 12, 2012 / 12:12 pm

The mission of evangelization, which is critical to the calling of every bishop, must begin with penance and interior renewal, said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. bishops' conference.

Bloggers see opportunity in social media for Catholic Church

Nov 12, 2012 / 10:49 am

The rapidly developing world of social media provides new and critically important venues for Church leaders to reach out and connect with people in a digital way, according to panelists at a Nov. 11 dialogue.

Pro-life leaders aim at cultural change after election losses

Nov 9, 2012 / 04:11 am

Despite pro-life setbacks in the Nov. 6 election, there is still hope and ample opportunity for progress in promoting a culture of life in the coming years, pro-life advocates are saying.

US bishops call for renewed view of marriage in wake of election

Nov 9, 2012 / 02:04 am

The U.S. bishops' leader on defense of marriage issues is calling for prayer and a “renewed culture of marriage” in light of recent votes against preserving the meaning of the institution in four states.

Catholic vote results show need for teaching the faith

Nov 8, 2012 / 14:07 pm

Divisions in the Catholic vote for president show the continued importance of “educating Catholics about our own faith,” said analyst Joshua Mercer, co-founder of CatholicVote.org.

After marriage setbacks, Catholic leaders disappointed but committed

Nov 8, 2012 / 03:58 am

Despite several narrow defeats at the ballot box on Nov. 6, marriage defenders say they remain dedicated to promoting and protecting the most fundamental social institution as the union of one man and one woman.

Boston cardinal lauds rejection of assisted suicide initiative

Nov 7, 2012 / 14:38 pm

Cardinal Seán O'Malley of Boston applauded the defeat of a Massachusetts ballot measure to legalize physician-assisted suicide, calling for more compassionate care of those who are seriously ill.