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Christians and Muslims can live together in peace, says bishop at funeral of slain Italian nun

Sep 21, 2006

The death of Sister Leonella Sgorbati, killed together with her Muslim bodyguard, Mohamed Mahamodu, who was a father of four,... Read more


John Paul II’s gunman warns Benedict not to travel to Turkey

Sep 20, 2006

The man who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981 has warned Pope Benedict XVI not to visit his predominantly... Read more


Nun shot in Somalia offered forgiveness with dying breath

Sep 18, 2006

The Consolata missionary sister who was shot dead by Islamic extremists in Mogadishu, Somalia, forgave her killers with her final... Read more

Pope’s trip to Turkey still on

Sep 17, 2006

According to parties on both sides, Pope Benedict XVI’s November trip to Turkey will continue as planned, despite violent reactions... Read more


Bishop says freedom of worship, but no freedom of religion in Cuba

Sep 12, 2006

Bishop Jose Siro Gonzalez of Pinar del Rio Cuba told a Spanish newspaper this week that freedom of worship, but... Read more


Maronite bishops criticize Hezbollah, sectarian politics

Sep 7, 2006

In a strongly worded statement, Lebanon's Maronite Catholic Bishops criticized Hezbollah and said the interest of political parties in the... Read more


Catholic Relief Services expands operations in Lebanon

Aug 30, 2006

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is expanding its operations in Lebanon with the opening today of a new national office in... Read more


Maronite archbishop urges Christians to remain in Lebanon

Aug 21, 2006

Archbishop Chucrallah Nabil Hage of Tyre in Lebanon is urging Maronite Catholics to keep up their strength and remain in... Read more


Maronite cardinal concerned about Christian exodus

Aug 15, 2006

Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir, patriarch of the Maronite Church, is very concerned about the “progressive devastation” in Lebanon and “the growing... Read more

Lebanese Christians, Muslims ready to rebuild country, says cardinal

Aug 15, 2006

Christians and Muslims in Lebanon are ready to work together to rebuild their war-torn country, said Cardinal Roger Etchegaray just... Read more


Polish filmmaker: John Paul II was grateful media did not sensationalize his illness

Aug 3, 2006

Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi, who filmed a movie on John Paul II entitled, “From a Far Away Country,” said this... Read more


Salesians bringing hope to refugees in Lebanon

Aug 1, 2006

Amidst the continuing conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, the Salesian houses in Lebanon at Al Fidar and El Houssoun are... Read more


Maronite archbishops tends to flock in hills of southern Lebanon

Jul 31, 2006

Archbishop Chucrallah-Nabil El-Hage, Maronite Catholic Archbishop of Tyr, went into the hills of his war struck archdiocese yesterday, in search... Read more


Maronite bishops call for ceasefire, humanitarian corridors in Lebanon

Jul 23, 2006

Bishops in Lebanon called for an immediate ceasefire and the opening of humanitarian corridors, over the weekend, seeking the assistance... Read more


Papal nuncio tried to talk with Hamas

Jul 19, 2006

The papal nuncio to Israel personally attempted to intercede with Hamas on behalf of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, The... Read more


Caritas Lebanon issues emergency humanitarian alert as thousands are displaced

Jul 18, 2006

Caritas Lebanon has issued a humanitarian alert in response to the displacement of thousands of people who are fleeing the... Read more


Continued growth for Church in Cameroon

Jul 16, 2006

The Catholic Church in Cameroon continues to flourish, especially in the west African country’s southwest province where signs of faith... Read more


Pope urges African Catholics to praise God in ‘authentic African voice’

Jul 10, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI urged African Catholics to praise God with an authentically African voice and to ensure that the faithful... Read more


Chief Rabbi calls on Pope to denounce Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem

Jul 5, 2006

The chief rabbi has asked Pope Benedict XVI to denounce an international gay festival, scheduled to take place this year... Read more


Third priest attacked in Turkey this year

Jul 2, 2006

A man stabbed a Roman Catholic priest Sunday in the Black Sea port of Samsun in the third attack against... Read more