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Cardinal Tauran to Muslims: “conflict must not prevent dialogue”

May 26, 2004

During his speech at the Conference on Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, former Vatican Secretary for Relations with States, said... Read more


Catholic student tortured to death in Pakistan for refusing to deny faith in Christ

May 10, 2004

Javed Anjum, a 19-year-old Catholic student from Quetta in Pakistan died from torture wounds inflicted by Muslim extremists in Faisalabad... Read more


Israeli press says Catholic Church will take custody of Upper Room

May 5, 2004

The Tel Aviv daily Maariv has published a report which, if confirmed, would signify a major milestone in the history... Read more


Catholic pilgrims launch Peace Marathon in the Holy Land

Apr 22, 2004

Fifteen Italian athletes will participate in the Jerusalem-to-Bethlehem Peace Marathon today with the aim of encouraging peace in the region... Read more


Cardinal Martino calls pulling of troops out of Iraq “imprudent”

Apr 20, 2004

In an interview with the Italian daily, “Corriere de la Sera,” just days after Spanish President Jose Luis Zapatero announced... Read more


Iraqi Catholics call on Arab Muslim countries to condemn terrorism

Apr 15, 2004

Fr. Nizar Semann, an Iraqi priest from the region of Mossul, told the Fides News Agency that the time has... Read more


Holy Land needs new leaders, says patriarch

Mar 29, 2004

Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah said new Israeli and Palestinian leaders, bolder religious leaders and an end to suicide bombings are... Read more


Spanish soldiers in Iraq offer prayers for terrorist victims in Madrid

Mar 15, 2004

Hundreds of Spanish soldiers stationed in Iraq attended Mass Sunday and offered prayers for the victims of last week’s terrorist... Read more


Rebels killed archbishop, says government report

Mar 2, 2004

Burundian rebels assassinated Archbishop Michael Courtney Dec. 29 since his car was flying the Vatican flag, states a recent draft... Read more


Persecuted bishop asks for international help so that Sudanese can decide their own future

Jan 28, 2004

One of the symbols of religious persecution in Sudan, Bishop Macram Max Gassis of Obeid, is calling on the international... Read more


Catholic organization among the most efficient in responding to earthquake survivors in Iran

Jan 6, 2004

Despite working in a majority Muslim country, Catholic Charities in Iran has been one of the most efficient organizations in... Read more


Light increase in number of pilgrims to Bethlehem for Christmas

Dec 22, 2003

According to the Fides News Agency in Rome, the number of pilgrims in Bethlehem has increased slightly this Christmas, but... Read more


'Gospel is not for sale': Ugandan Anglicans on gay ordination

Dec 21, 2003

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for sale. That was the firm and unmoveable response of the Anglican Church... Read more


Iraqi priest calls for the building of a new nation after capture of Saddam

Dec 16, 2003

Speaking with the Catholic news agency Fides, Fr. Nizar Semaan, a renowned priest of the diocese of Nineveh (Iraq), said... Read more


Iraqi bishop on Saddam’s capture: “Head of the serpent has been crushed”

Dec 14, 2003

In an interview given to the Catholic missionary Agency “Asia News,” Iraqi Bishop Rabban al Qas expressed his hope for... Read more


New Iraqi Patriarch concerned with Muslim fundamentalism

Dec 4, 2003

The new top Catholic leader of Iraq,  Emmanuel III Delly, recently elected Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, expressed yesterday... Read more


Muslim fundamentalists attack Christian community in Iraq

Nov 19, 2003

The past week has seen numerous attacks by fundamentalist Muslims on Christians in Mosul in northern Iraq. “Last week a... Read more


Chaldean priest pleads for political order to keep Iraq from becoming another Palestine

Nov 17, 2003

Speaking to the Fides news agency, Father Denka H. Toma, Superior General of the Antonian Order of St. Ormizda of... Read more


Catholic Nurses In Africa Restate Opposition To Abortion

Oct 26, 2003

The Catholic Nurses Guild of Nigeria has vowed to continue to uphold the value of human life and oppose abortion... Read more


Catholics in Iraq Celebrate 25th Anniversary of John Paul II’s Pontificate

Oct 22, 2003

With prayer and thanksgiving the Catholic Church in Iraq celebrated with joy the 25th Anniversary of John Paul II’s pontificate. ... Read more