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Alberta bishops: Catholic education, central to our culture

Alberta’s bishops urge Catholics to participate in discussions on the province’s educational reforms in order ensure that Catholic education and... Read more


Church in Venezuela calms opposition: aggressions will not divide us

In a meeting with opposition leaders responsible for organizing a rally in protest against attacks on the Church by the... Read more


Catholic radio stations should be truly Catholic, says Argentine Archbishop

Meeting with Catholic radio representatives, Archbishop Mario Maulión of Paraná and President of the Bishops Committee for Social Communications, said... Read more


New movie debuts about the Pope and sports

The Sports Film Festival taking place in the Italian city of Milán has debuted a new movie called, “John Paul... Read more


Chaldean Bishop says fundamentalist Muslims are source of terrorist attacks  in Iraq

In a candid interview with the Italian Catholic magazine "Mondo e Missione," Iraqi Bishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk said that... Read more

Pope to Filipino Bishops: “Things Christians do speak louder than the things they say”

While receiving 21 Filipino bishops in their Ad Limina visit, Pope John Paul highlighted the need for an “integral evangelization”... Read more


Pontifical academies to hold joint session on martyrs

The Vatican Pontifical academies will hold their eighth joint public session on Thursday, November 6, from 10 a.m. to 1... Read more


Pro-life expert: U.S. “not ready” for full ban on abortion

Pro-life activists say U.S. President George Bush is still on-target when it comes to issues regarding the culture of life,... Read more


Pope will be able to continue until the end, says Canada’s new cardinal

Canada’s newest and youngest cardinal is confident Pope John Paul II will be able to continue in his ministry despite... Read more


Heritage Center to recover Catholic history in West Virginia

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston is putting final touches on its new West Virginia Catholic Heritage Centre before the building’s inauguration... Read more


Venezuelan Opposition holds rally in support of the Catholic Church

Political and civil organization that make up the opposition in Venezuela held a rally this Wednesday in support of the... Read more


Church in Colombia gets “green light” from rebels and government for release of 7 hostages

Church leaders on Colombia announced the imminent release of 7 tourists kidnapped in Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta by a... Read more


Franciscan warns Church in Holy Land could disappear

In an interview with the Tarragona Daily in Spain, the Minister General of the Franciscan Order, Fr. José Rodríguez Carballo,... Read more

Prolifers urge the public to correct the media on the Schiavo case

The media is getting it wrong when covering Terri Schiavo’s case and pro-lifers want the public to do something about... Read more


Catholic groups protest pro-abortion politician on catholic university campus

Several Catholic groups are protesting a lecture that a former Illinois governor, who holds pro-abortion views, is scheduled to give... Read more


Chinese Bishop to preside at National Shrine

Bishop Ignatius C. Wang, auxiliary bishop of San Francisco, will celebrate mass and give the homily at the Basilica of... Read more


Italians demand crucifixes remain in schools

Leaders from across the political spectrum, religious leaders and even some Muslims have joined together in a rare consensus to... Read more


The Pope's spirit is not in a wheelchair, says argentine Bishop

In a message about the 25 years of John Paul II's Pontificate entitled, "I come from a far away country,"... Read more

Pope "grateful to God" for Year of the Rosary, recalls drama of Sept. 11

During his usual Wednesday general audience, Pope John Paul II gave thanks to God for the fruits of the "Year... Read more


Pope convokes Synod to elect new leader of Church in Iraq

Pope John Paul II has convoked a Synod of the Chaldean Catholic Church -to which belong the majority of Iraqi... Read more