Pope in Albania

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Pope Francis embraces Rev. Ernest Troshani in Tirana's St. Paul Cathedral, Albania.

Albanian priest who moved the Pope to be named Cardinal

The Albanian priest whose testimony moved Pope Francis to tears in 2014 is one of the 17 international bishops and... Read more

Pope Francis listens as 85-year-old Sister Maria Kaleta speaks in Tirana's St. Paul Cathedral, Albania, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014.

Albanian nun tells Pope about faith amid Communist regime

Among the powerful moments on Pope Francis’ Sept. 21 trip to Albania was the Holy Father’s encounter with an 85... Read more

Pope Francis ebmbraces Rev. Ernest Troshani in Tirana's St. Paul Cathedral, Albania.

Testimony from Albania priest moves Pope to tears

With tears in his eyes, Pope Francis gave a warm embrace to Father Ernest Troshani Simoni, 84, one of the... Read more

Pope Francis speaks with journalists on the papal plane August 18, 2014.

Pope praises brotherhood forged among Albania's religions

Pope Francis on the return flight from Albania praised the country for its youth and its “higher culture” that is... Read more

Father Gjergj Simoni speaks with CNA in Tirana, Albania on Sept, 21, 2014.

A delayed desire: Albanian priest waited decades for ordination

An Albanian Catholic priest shared his story of encountering persecution for his faith by the country's repressive state atheism, noting... Read more

Pope Francis at St. John Lateran basilica on June 19, 2014.

Pope gives flowers received in Albania to Blessed Mother

In thanksgiving to the Blessed Mother for the success of his short but eventful trip to Albania, Pope Francis paid... Read more

Valentin and Vanessa, a Kosovar couple who attended Pope Francis' papal Mass in Albania.

Catholic-Muslim spouses say Pope Francis is for everybody

A Catholic-Muslim married couple who traveled three hours from Kosovo to take part in Pope Francis’ Albanian visit say that... Read more

Papal and Albanian banners line Albania's streets.

Papal visit fosters Albanians' hopes

Pope Francis’ visit to Albania is a “gigantic event” for the religiously diverse country as it seeks a greater role... Read more

Pope Francis at vespers service at Tirana's Cathedral of St. Paul

Albanian martyrs knew God's consolation, Pope says off-the-cuff

God’s consolation for Albania’s martyrs and other persecuted Christians is a reminder for us all of the intimate consolation that... Read more

Pope Francis greets staff, youths and adolescents at Bethany Center in Albania Sept. 21.

Faith brings light to hardship, Pope Francis says at children's center

Pope Francis visited an Albanian center for abandoned children on Sunday, emphasizing in his remarks that Christian charity can help... Read more

Pope Francis meets with interfaith leaders in Tirana, Albania on Sept. 21, 2014.

Truth has 'power of attraction,' Pope says to religious leaders

The “conviction that truth has its own power of attraction,” said Pope Francis, negates the need for those secure in... Read more

Father Federico Lombardi gives a press briefing in Tirana, Albania.

Update in Albania – Muslims pray for Pope, security a non-issue

In a press briefing Sunday the Vatican's spokesman downplayed worries over Pope Francis' safety in Albania, also noting that Muslims... Read more

Pope Francis greets crowds in Tirana, Albania on Sept. 21.

Pope Francis to Albanian youth: Where you exist, there is hope

After celebrating Mass at Mother Teresa square during his one-day trip to Albania, Pope Francis led the crowds in the... Read more

Pope Francis meets with political leaders in Albania on Sept. 21.

Pope Francis: No one can use religion as a pretext for violence

Pope Francis opened his trip to Albania praising the “coexistence” between members of different faiths in the country, while condemning... Read more

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in Mother Teresa Square in Tirana, Albania, Sept. 21.

After brutal persecution, Albania 'reopened' to missionary zeal

During Mass at Mother Teresa square as part of his one-day trip to Albania, Pope Francis recalled the country's vicious... Read more

Christmas letter from an American girl to Enver Hoxha at the

Girl's Christmas letter to atheist dictator shows plea for peace

A little girl’s Christmas letter asking Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha to pray for peace, not knowing of his repressive and... Read more

Papal and Albanian banners line Albania's streets.

Albania prepares for papal Mass

A Franciscan involved in the preparations for Pope Francis’ trip to Albania said that he hopes for a surprise from... Read more

Albania prepares for Pope Francis' Sept. 21 visit.

Martyrs' memory to be a focus of Pope's visit to Albania

Focused on the memory of the martyrs, Pope Francis’ one-day journey to Albania is aimed at restoring the link between... Read more

Pope Francis greets pilgrims in St. Peter's Square during the Wednesday general audience on June 4, 2014.

Priest hopes papal visit will nurture fledgling Albanian Church

Pope Francis' upcoming visit to Albania could encourage the leaders of the Catholic Church in a nation with a long... Read more

Pope Francis arrives at the airport in Rio de Janeiro.

Pope's Albania visit will draw from past, look to future

Pope Francis’ upcoming Albanian visit will highlight Mother Teresa, honor the martyrs of Albania’s atheistic past, and suggest the country’s... Read more