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Ghana’s bishops appeal for peace after contentious election 

The Catholic bishops of Ghana have called for peace amid unrest following national elections earlier this month, which saw the... Read more

The Indonesian flag.

Indonesian Catholic bishops call for justice in local elections

The bishops of Indonesia urged Catholics to participate in the upcoming local elections by voting for Catholics who honor the... Read more

Pope Francis prays the Angelus on June 21, 2020.

Pope Francis calls for justice and dialogue in Belarus 

Pope Francis offered a prayer for Belarus Sunday asking for respect for justice and dialogue following a week of violent... Read more

New Cuban election law is far from real reform, activist group says

The Christian Liberation Movement denounced the election reform law recently passed by Cuba’s National Assembly, charging that it still allows... Read more

Nigerian flag.

Nigerian bishops: Government should seek the common good

After a recent gathering, the Catholic bishops of Nigeria called on local residents and officials to promote the common good... Read more

With Nigerian elections postponed, Catholic leaders stress peace

Catholic leaders have voiced disappointment at a last-minute delay in Nigerian elections, but called for Christians to remain peaceful and... Read more

Nigerian bishops call for fair elections, warn against selling votes

As the Nigerian presidential election approaches, the Catholic Bishop’s Conference in the country emphasized the importance of electoral honesty and... Read more

Felix Tshisekedi, who has been declared the winner of the 2018 DRC presidential election.

DRC bishops question presidential election results

The bishops of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are among several major observers casting doubt on the results of... Read more

DRC polling officials hear instructions ahead of the nation’s Dec. 30 presidential elections.

Amid tense election, DRC bishops concerned about voting irregularities

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo is drawing attention to voting problems that could call into... Read more

An election polling place during a United States election.

New Mexico political ad didn’t come from us, Catholic bishops say

A political group was wrong to use a letter from the New Mexico bishops for a newspaper ad backing a... Read more

Emmerson Mnangagwa.

As Zimbabwe election approaches, Christian leaders stress peace, civility

Christian leaders in Zimbabwe are stressing the need for civility and a peaceful transition as the country prepares for a... Read more

Flag of Ireland.

Your vote is the unborn child's voice, pro-lifers say in Irish abortion debate

Ahead of Ireland’s abortion referendum on Friday, pro-life and pro-abortion rights debaters have squared off in a country where voters... Read more

Archbishop Diego Patron of Cumana, Venezuela.

Venezuelan archbishop decries plan to change election date

Archbishop Diego Padrón of Cumaná, former president of the Venezuelan bishops' conference, denounced plans to advance presidential elections in the... Read more

American flag and Church.

Commentary: A Catholic moment in US politics?

It’s been a little over a year since the 2016 election that polarized the nation and left deep political divides... Read more

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis prays for Honduras as election crisis turns deadly

A contested national election in Honduras has enflamed a civil crisis, leading Pope Francis to pray on Sunday for Hondurans... Read more

The flag of Venezuela.

Vatican insists on peaceful, democratic resolution in Venezuela

After violence followed a controversial vote in Venezuela this weekend, the Vatican Secretary of State has encouraged the country's citizens... Read more

Emmanuel Macron.

France's new president is a 'zombie Catholic'

Newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron, according to one of his biographers, embodies a new phenomenon in France known as “zombie Catholicism.”  Read more

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Why France's 'Zombie Catholics' are so powerful

It happened in Britain. It happened in the U.S.  Read more

What was the breakdown of the Catholic vote Tuesday?

Catholics voted once again for the winning presidential candidate in Tuesday’s election, as they have done in recent elections.  Read more

What does the Catholic Church say about voting?

As Americans across the country prepare to step into the voting booth tomorrow, what are the most important principles for... Read more