Sustainable Development Goals

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Pope Francis on Nov. 24, 2023, met with representatives, mayors, and religious leaders from areas in central Italy hit by devastating earthquakes between August 2016 and January 2017.

Pope Francis: More sustainable cities can help with population decline

Nov 24, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

“Putting the person back at the center of the city: This is the way forward,” Pope Francis said Nov. 24. Read more

Kenya's pro family activists deliver over 68,000 signatures to the President of Kenya to remove support for the ICPD25 in Nairobi, Nov. 11, 2019.

Statement of 11 nations opposes 'reproductive rights' focus of Nairobi Summit

Nov 14, 2019

On the sidelines of the Nairobi Summit, the US and 10 other nations delivered a joint statement Thursday indicating their... Read more

Holy See won't participate in Nairobi Summit

Nov 8, 2019

The Holy See will not participate in next week's Nairobi Summit, its mission to the UN announced Friday, saying next... Read more

Kenyan bishops prepare to meet with Pope Francis at St. Mary's School in Nairobi, Nov. 26, 2015.

African bishops say UN Nairobi Summit will be destructive of pro-life agenda

Nov 6, 2019

Bishops in Africa have raised concerns about the agenda of the Nairobi Summit, a United Nations gathering being held next... Read more

Migration and sustainable development – what's the link?

Jul 25, 2017

Why do people migrate in the first place? And what if there was a way we could address the international... Read more

The Vatican flag.

Holy See expresses cautious support for UN development goals

Sep 4, 2015

By Matt Hadro

The Holy See on Tuesday expressed its “strong support” for the 2030 United Nations development agenda, but added it has... Read more

UN flag outside the United Nations headquarters in New York.

UN development goals for 'reproductive health' likely to increase abortions worldwide

Aug 17, 2015

By Matt Hadro

The United Nations’ global development goals for the next 15 years still contain language that is all but certain to... Read more

UN flag outside the United Nations headquarters in New York.

New UN agenda could enable massive global expansion of abortion

Jun 9, 2015

By Matt Hadro

A massive, well-funded push to increase access to abortion worldwide could be underway at the United Nations, and according to... Read more