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Pope Francis offers the Chrism Mass in St. Peter's Basilica on April 1, 2021.

Pope Francis tells priests at Chrism Mass: ‘The cross is non-negotiable’

Pope Francis told priests at Thursday’s Chrism Mass at the Vatican that “the cross is non-negotiable” when preaching the Gospel. Read more

Pope Francis gives the Angelus address June 21, 2020.

Pope Francis: The cross reminds us of the sacrifices of the Christian life

Pope Francis said Sunday the crucifix we wear or hang on our wall is not supposed to be decorative, but... Read more

Pope Francis offers Mass in Bari, Italy on Feb. 23, 2020.

Pope Francis: Ask God for the strength to love your enemies

Ask God for the grace to love your enemies, Pope Francis said Sunday in a homily in the Italian city... Read more

Cardinal Robert Sarah celebrates Mass in St. Peter's Basilica Sept. 28, 2019.

Cardinal Sarah reflects on the meaning of the priesthood

Cardinal Robert Sarah reflected on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the meaning of the priesthood in... Read more

Pope Francis: In times of suffering, know that you are never alone

Pope Francis wrote a heartfelt letter Tuesday to an Italian community still suffering one year after a bridge collapse. His... Read more

Pope Francis says Chrism Mass in St. Peter's Basilica March 29, 2018.

Christ's throne is the cross, Pope Francis says

The throne of Jesus Christ is the cross upon which he gave his life for the world, and those who... Read more

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in St. Peter's Basilica Sept. 2, 2015.

Pope Francis: Discipleship takes sacrifice

A fundamental rule of being a disciple of Christ is the necessity to make sacrifices and deny one’s self, Pope... Read more

Relic of the True Cross. Courtesy of St. Dominic's Parish.

Fragment of Christ's Cross stolen from California church

A fragment from what is believed to be the True Cross of Christ, stolen from its home beneath a picture.... Read more