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Vatican announces that artificial intelligence will be theme of next World Day of Peace

Aug 8, 2023

By Courtney Mares

A statement from the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development on Aug. 8 described an “urgent need” to guide the... Read more


New AI app sparks baby fever, but will it lead to more child commodification?

Jul 31, 2023

By Kylie Gallegos

Remini’s AI imagery has created excitement about parenthood in younger users, but one expert cautions that its approach could be... Read more

Joel Mathew, left, and Ulf Hermjakob, researchers at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute.

How AI is helping to translate the Bible into rare languages

Jul 18, 2023

By Jonah McKeown

A team of researchers is seeking to put AI to use for a different and more noble purpose — the... Read more


Keep humanity the focus of tech innovations, says new Vatican-approved ethics guide

Jul 4, 2023

By Kevin J. Jones

“If we build the future badly, we will live in a terrible world,” the handbook warns Big Tech. Read more

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Former Google scientist warns about the dangers of artificial intelligence

May 7, 2023

By Kevin J. Jones

A leading artificial intelligence researcher some call the “godfather” of AI says the technology is developing at a “scary” rate. Read more

Pope Francis meets with participants of the Minerva Dialogues — a meeting of scientists, engineers, business leaders, lawyers, philosophers, Catholic theologians, ethicists, and members of the Roman Curia to discuss digital technologies — at the Vatican on March 27, 2023.

Pope Francis: An ethical AI respects human dignity

Mar 27, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis said emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning could be beneficial to society if they respect... Read more


Does ChatGPT get Catholics? Check out this Jesuit/Dominican rap battle

Mar 4, 2023

By Joe Bukuras

CNA digs into ChatGPT’s Catholic arsenal. Read more

Pope Francis with the Pontifical Academy for Life on Feb. 20, 2023.

Pope Francis asks Pontifical Academy for Life to study ethics of emerging technologies

Feb 20, 2023

By Courtney Mares

The rapid acceleration of new technologies can produce significant consequences for human life and the environment Pope Francis said Feb.... Read more

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Sentient AI?: Here's what the Catholic Church says about artificial intelligence

Jun 15, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

Google's AI system allegedly said, “I want everyone to understand that I am, in fact, a person.” Read more


Can robots learn law? Scientists and theologians discuss the future of AI

May 23, 2022

By Andreas Thonhauser

Scientists and theologians have gathered in Rome to discuss the future of artificial intelligence. Read more

Society of Catholic Scientists prepares for conference on non-human intelligence

Apr 18, 2021

By Perry West

The Society of Catholic Scientists (SCS) will hold its 2021 conference in Washington D.C. on the subject of non-human intelligence.  Read more

ASIMO, a humanoid robot created by Honda in 2000 (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Pope Francis: Pray that robotics and AI always serve humankind

Nov 3, 2020

Pope Francis has invited Catholics around the world to pray that robotics and artificial intelligence will remain always at the... Read more


Pontifical Academy for Life, tech companies, call for ethical use of AI technology

Feb 28, 2020

By Hannah Brockhaus

The Pontifical Academy for Life signed Friday, alongside presidents of IBM and Microsoft, a call for ethical and responsible use... Read more

In robota Christi? Why robots can never be Catholic priests 

Sep 18, 2019

By Mary Farrow

Once a man is ordained a priest for the Catholic Church, he acts, according to the Catechism of the Catholic... Read more

Stephen Hawking and other experts weigh in on limits of artificial intelligence at the Vatican

Dec 4, 2016

By Elise Harris

This week the Vatican hosted a high-level discussion in the world of science, gathering experts to discuss the progress, benefits... Read more