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A 17th-century statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola by Spanish sculptor Juan Martínez Montañés.

How St. Ignatius of Loyola became the patron saint of soldiers 

Jul 31, 2023

By Peter Pinedo

From its beginnings, the Jesuits, as established by Ignatius and his companions, held a militaristic mindset of dedication and service... Read more

Father Marko Rupnik.

Jesuit superior blames ‘Vatican norms’ for blocking harsher penalties for Rupnik

Jul 24, 2023

By Jonathan Liedl

Famed mosaic artist Father Marko Rupnik remains a priest and could be put into ministry by a sympathetic bishop. Read more

Father Marko Rupnik

Father Marko Rupnik can no longer appeal his dismissal from the Jesuits

Jul 17, 2023

By Almudena Martínez-Bordiú

According to canonical norms, Rupnik had until Friday, July 14, to appeal the June 15 decision to dismiss him from... Read more

Bolivia Attorney General Juan Lanchipa.

Bolivia’s attorney general accuses Jesuits of obstructing sex abuse investigation

Jul 14, 2023

By Julieta Villar

The Bolivian attorney general’s office had received a copy of the diary from the Society of Jesus in Bolivia but... Read more


Loyola University offers course in ‘transgender’ health care, including treatment of children

Jul 13, 2023

By Daniel Payne

The two-week course purports to “teach students the evidence-based treatment of LGBTQ+ patients in medicine.”  Read more

Father Marko Rupnik, SJ, in an interview with EWTN in 2020.

Rupnik dismissed from Jesuits

Jun 15, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

Jesuit priest Father Marko Rupnik has been expelled from the Jesuits due to a “stubborn refusal to observe the vow... Read more

Father Marko Rupnik.

Trips by Jesuit priest accused of abuse are transgression of restrictions, superior says

Jun 14, 2023

By Almudena Martínez-Bordiú

Jesuit priest and artist Father Marko Rupnik continues to travel and carry out art projects despite restrictions imposed by the... Read more

Jesuits accused of abuse in Bolivia in May 2023.

Six Jesuits reportedly under investigation for cover-up of sexual abuse in Bolivia

Jun 7, 2023

By Abel Camasca

In addition to allegations of the sexual abuse of minors by a number of deceased Jesuits in Bolivia, six others... Read more

Bishop Giovani Arana of El Alto, Bolivia.

Bolivian bishop on clerical sex abuse: We know asking forgiveness is not enough

May 30, 2023

By Diego López Marina

“We have asked for forgiveness; we know that it’s not enough,” said Bishop Giovani Arana of El Alto, Bolivia. Read more

The facade of Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in La Paz, Bolivia.

Bishops of Bolivia admit to having caused ‘deep pain’ to victims of sex abuse

May 25, 2023

By Abel Camasca

In a May 24 statement, the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference reported that it had received the visit of Msgr. Jordi Bertomeu,... Read more

Father Bernardo Mercado, the Jesuit provincial in Bolivia.

Jesuit provincial in Bolivia admits mistakes were made in dealing with sex abuse cases

May 24, 2023

By Abel Camasca

The Jesuit provincial in Bolivia, Father Bernardo Mercado, admitted that his religious order made mistakes in handling cases of sexual... Read more


Carmelite priest arrested, others accused in Bolivia on sex abuse charges

May 22, 2023

By Abel Camasca

In the midst of allegations of sexual abuse against Jesuit priests in Bolivia, a Carmelite priest was arrested recently by... Read more


Bolivia Jesuits ask victims of two priests implicated in scandal to make formal complaint

May 20, 2023

By Diego López Marina

The Jesuits asked the victims to make a formal complaint with the Society of Jesus and offered their assistance in... Read more


New accusations of sexual abuse against Jesuits in Bolivia

May 17, 2023

By Julieta Villar

Following a report that documented the serial sexual abuse committed in Bolivia by a Jesuit priest, new accusations have been... Read more


Bolivian bishops express pain over serial sexual abuse by Jesuit priest

May 10, 2023

By Julieta Villar

An investigation by the newspaper El Pais revealed that Spanish Jesuit priest Alfonso Pedrajas Moreno sexually abused as many as... Read more

Pope Francis spoke about the Christian roots of Hungary during his general audience in St. Peter's Square on May 3, 2023.

Pope Francis revisits ‘very painful’ Jesuit abductions in 1970s Argentina

May 10, 2023

By Kevin J. Jones

A question about Budapest-born Father Jálics came during the first Jesuit pope’s apostolic visit to Hungary. Read more

Father Marko Rupnik, SJ.

Rupnik superior: ‘From an ecclesial point of view it’s illegal’ for priest to own business

Apr 27, 2023

By Walter Sánchez Silva

The superior of Father Marko Rupnik, a Jesuit priest and artist accused of sexually abusing numerous nuns, said Rupnik owned... Read more

Father Marko Rupnik.

Father Rupnik superior denies possible transfer of the priest from Rome to Milan

Apr 17, 2023

By Almudena Martínez-Bordiú

Various media reported that Father Marko Rupnik, accused of having sexually abused numerous nuns, could leave Rome. Read more

Funeral of Fathers Javier Campos Morales, SJ, and Joaquín César Mora Salazar, SJ, in June 2022.

Jesuits in Mexico issue statement on the death of alleged murderer of two priests

Mar 29, 2023

By Ana Paula Morales

Jesuit Father Luis Gerardo Moro Madrid said the alleged murder of José Noriel Portillo is not a reason to celebrate. Read more

Chart showing asteroids named after Jesuits.

Newly-discovered asteroids named after Jesuits — and a pope

Feb 21, 2023

By Jonah McKeown

The Vatican Observatory announced this week the naming of four newly-discovered asteroids after notable Catholics, including Pope Gregory XIII. Read more