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A Coptic Orthodox church in Old Cairo, a historic area of the Egyptian capital.

Report declares treatment of Christian minority women and girls a ‘human rights catastrophe’

Nov 24, 2021

By CNA Staff

The study says that in some cases forced conversions could amount to ‘genocide.’ Read more

An anti-Christian slogan graffitied on a Coptic church in Egypt.

Christians' situation in Egypt improves, though many still consider them 'second-class citizens'

Jul 2, 2021

By CNA Staff

While the situation of Christians has improved in Egypt under its current president, many continue to regard the minority as... Read more

Icon of the 21 Martyrs of Libya. Image courtesy of Tony Rezk, via

Pope Francis: Blood of martyrs slain by ISIS ‘a seed that will bear rich fruit’

May 20, 2021

The pope praises the 21 Coptic martyrs killed on Feb. 15, 2015. Read more

The national flag of Egypt.

Coptic Orthodox Christian executed by ISIS affiliates in Egypt

Apr 21, 2021

By Hannah Brockhaus

In a video, 62-year-old Nabil Habashy Salama can be seen being killed by a gunshot Read more

A Coptic Christian boy lights a candle at a church in Cairo.

Christian activist’s arrest in Egypt prompts warnings of crackdown on dissent

Nov 27, 2019

Human rights groups have voiced concern over the arrest of a Coptic Christian activist in Egypt, on terrorism-related charges. Critics... Read more

Pope Francis prays with journalists on a papal flight August 14, 2014.

Pope Francis mourns victims of attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt

Nov 4, 2018

By Courtney Mares

“I pray for the victims, pilgrims killed just because they are Christians, and I ask Holy Mary to console their... Read more

A Coptic child lights a candle at a church in Cairo.

Coptic community among nominees for Nobel Peace Prize

Oct 1, 2018

Among the 331 candidates for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize are the Copts, the Christian ethnoreligious group of Egypt.  Read more

Egypt's Christians to hold restrained Easter services in light of attacks

Apr 12, 2017

After two bomb attacks on worshippers at Coptic Orthodox churches on Sunday, the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of Minya has announced... Read more

Pope Francis at The Liturgy of the Lord's Passion at St. Peter's Basilica on April 3, 2015.

Pope prays for victims of attack on church in Egypt

Apr 9, 2017

By Elise Harris

After a bomb blast killed nearly 30 people during Palm Sunday celebrations in Egypt, Pope Francis voiced his closeness to... Read more

Pope Francis meets with the grand imam Sheik Ahmed Muhammad Al Tayyib at the Vatican May 23, 2016.

Pope Francis to visit Egypt April 28-29

Mar 18, 2017

By Hannah Brockhaus

In what will be his first international trip of the year, Pope Francis will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt, April... Read more

Coptic church.

Egypt's Christians are being driven out – will the world notice?

Mar 2, 2017

By Matt Hadro

A spike in attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt, spurred by a video threat from ISIS, has drawn the prayers... Read more

St. Mark's Coptic Cathedral, Cairo.

Egyptian cathedral restored after December bombing

Jan 5, 2017

The Egyptian army corps of engineers has completed the restoration of Saint Mark's Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, where a terrorist... Read more

Tawadros II, Coptic Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria, presides over a funeral liturgy for victims of the Dec. 11, 2016 bomb attack on his cathedral.

In Egypt, Christians maintain trust in God amid sorrow

Jan 4, 2017

Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos William of Assiut, Egypt, commenting on the Dec. 11, 2016 suicide bomber attack that killed 26... Read more

The dedication Mass of the first Catholic church on the Sinai peninsula, Our Lady of Peace, in Sharm El-Sheik, Feb. 15, 2015.

Will Egypt take step towards religious freedom with new law?

Aug 30, 2016

By Matt Hadro

Christians in Egypt are hoping that a new law will make it easier for them to build churches, particularly after... Read more

Icon of the 21 Martyrs of Libya. Image courtesy of Tony Rezk, via

Remember the Copts ISIS martyred in Libya? This priest does.

Jul 18, 2016

By Andrea Gagliarducci

For Christians in Egypt, the possibility of martyrdom is not a remote one.  Read more

Anti-Christian slogans on Saint Cyril Church in Cairo, Aug. 2013.

In Egypt, Christians can suffer under strict laws – and a pattern of lawlessness

Mar 11, 2016

By Kevin J. Jones

Four Coptic Christian teenagers face up to five years in prison after an Egyptian court found them guilty of insulting... Read more

Prayer vigil outside the White House remembers 21 murdered Coptic Christians in Libya.

For Coptic Christians, threat of martyrdom is part of daily life

Feb 22, 2015

By Matt Hadro

The brutal murder of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya at the hands of ISIS last week is shining a light... Read more

An anti-Christian slogan graffitied on a Coptic church in Egypt.

Twenty-one Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya

Jan 14, 2015

A Libyan affiliate of the Islamic State claimed the abduction of 21 Coptic Christians on Monday, releasing pictures of those... Read more

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in St. Peter's Basilica for the episcopal ordination of Bishop Fernando Vergez on Nov. 15, 2013

Pope urges Egyptian Christians to 'Be strong, do not fear!'

Dec 9, 2013

By Elise Harris

Pope Francis concelebrated his daily Mass this morning with the Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, offering prayers for peace, and... Read more

Samuel Tadros speaks at the Hudson Institute on August 23, 2013.

Scholars say Copts leaving Egypt face challenges of identity

Aug 26, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

Coptic Christians must turn to their centuries-long history of overcoming obstacles as they seek to maintain their identity while fleeing... Read more