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Catholic prevention organization: Mexico ranks first in human trafficking and child abuse

Apr 7, 2023

By Ana Paula Morales

A nun with the Rahamim network said Mexico holds “first place in human trafficking, child abuse, organ selling, sex tourism,... Read more

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Washington DC drops bill to legalize sex trade

Nov 18, 2019

A bill to legalize the buying and selling of sex in Washington, DC, will not move forward after widespread opposition... Read more

Archdiocese of Washington opposes local bill to legalize prostitution 

Oct 18, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., was one of many organizations that testified Thursday during a hearing on a bill to... Read more

Prostitution is an 'inherently violent' practice, say critics of decriminalization

May 31, 2019

Marijuana, mushrooms, and now prostitution: decriminalization as a legal tactic for handling previously (or currently) illicit activities is a growing... Read more

Ballot initiative could end legal brothels in one Nevada county

Sep 19, 2018

Lyon County is one of the 16 counties in Nevada that allows for legal prostitution. But this November, voters will... Read more

In an age of #MeToo, women take a ‘second look’ at the sexual revolution

Jun 1, 2018

By Courtney Mares

Fifty years after the sexual revolution promised female empowerment through casual sex “without consequences,” scholars are looking into the far-reaching... Read more

Priest collar.

Italian priest accused of organizing orgies, prostituting women

Jan 4, 2017

An Italian priest from northern Italy has been accused of pimping out some 15 women, as well as organizing and... Read more

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In the fight against prostitution, who's talking about the clients?

Dec 22, 2016

By Elise Harris

For religious sisters working to end forced prostitution through human trafficking, there is one thing consistently left out of the... Read more


To stop human trafficking, look at root causes, survivor says

Oct 27, 2016

By Hannah Brockhaus

Helping the victims of human trafficking is not enough – we must go to the root to solve the problem,... Read more

Pope Francis meets with former prostitutes assisted by the Pope John XXIII Community in Rome Aug. 12, 2016.

Former prostitutes get special visit from Pope Francis

Aug 12, 2016

By Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis has visited a special community for women freed from prostitution and violent abuse as his latest ‘Mercy Friday’... Read more

Caritas Spain is helping more than 2,000 women leave prostitution

Mar 16, 2016

According to a recent report from Caritas Spain, more than 2,200 women are receiving help in exiting prostitution thanks to... Read more

Pope Francis speaks to religious communities at the Training Center 'School of Love' in Kkottongnaeon, South Korea, Aug. 16, 2014.

Pope Francis offers a lesson from a ham and cheese sandwich

Nov 19, 2014

Pope Francis brought laughter to a group of young people gathered at the Vatican Nov.15 when he quoted an Argentinean... Read more

Red Light District by Petr Kratochvil (CC0 1.0).

NY sex trafficking ring busted days before Super Bowl

Jan 31, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

Members of a sex trafficking and drug ring centered in New York City were arrested after the group advertised “party... Read more

Monsignor Arthur M. Coyle

Boston priest on leave following sexual misconduct arrest

Aug 6, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

Monsignor Arthur M. Coyle of the Archdiocese of Boston is on “voluntary administrative leave” following his Aug. 4 arrest for... Read more

Dawn Eden (fourth from left) with Project Dawn Court staff and associates.

Women with prostitution charges find compassion, new start

Jul 19, 2013

By Elise Harris

A Philadelphia treatment court has been praised for offering hope and healing to women seeking to change their lives after... Read more

Rep. Frank R. Wolf, (R-Virginia).

Congressman calls attention to human trafficking in US

May 6, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

In a recent Virginia forum, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) highlighted the largely unknown problem of human trafficking within the... Read more


Families reject 'academy of prostitution' in Spain

May 11, 2012

The World Congress of Families condemned a “heartless” group which they believe is taking advantage of Spain's economic crisis in... Read more