Archdiocese of Granada

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Archbishop José María Gil Tamayo presides over the Archdiocese of Granada, Spain.

Spanish archbishop: ‘I am not going to bless even one homosexual union’

Jan 26, 2024

By Nicolás de Cárdenas

In a meeting with journalists held on the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, Archbishop José María Gil stated... Read more

"The Mystery Man Exhibition" presents a model of the crucified Jesus based on the Shroud of Turin.

The first hyper-realistic body of Christ based on the Holy Shroud is on exhibit in Spain

An exhibition of the first hyper-realistic recreation of the body of Christ based on data obtained from the Shroud of... Read more

Father Cayetano Giménez Martín, a martyr of the Spanish Civil War who will be beatified along with 15 companionions in Granada, Feb. 26, 2022.

Sixteen martyrs of the Spanish Civil War to be beatified in Granada

Dec 1, 2021

By Blanca Ruiz

The beatification ceremony for sixteen martyrs of the Spanish Civil War will be held in February at the Granada Cathedral.  Read more