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Daniel Ortega celebrates his re-inauguration as president of Nicaragua, Jan. 10, 2012.

Nicaraguan archdiocese warns that conditions for free elections don't exist

Aug 11, 2021

By Harumi Suzuki

The Archdiocese of Managua on Tuesday deplored the arrests of presidential candidates that have taken place in the country, and... Read more

Nicaragua flag.

Ahead of general election, Nicaraguan archdiocese urges that abortion not be an election issue

May 14, 2021

By Diego Lopez Marina

The Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Managua stated Thursday that the "abominable crime" of abortion should not... Read more

Pope Francis waves from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square during an Angelus address.

Pope Francis urges Catholics to follow ‘God’s logic’

Aug 2, 2020

Pope Francis urged Catholics Sunday to follow “God’s logic” by taking responsibility for the welfare of others.  Read more

Pope Francis is pictured during an Angelus address.

Pope Francis deplores firebomb attack on Catholic cathedral in Nicaragua

Aug 2, 2020

Pope Francis deplored a firebomb attack on a cathedral in Nicaragua Sunday.  Read more

A priest and a nun pray next to the image of "Christ's Blood" after a fire burnt it at the Cathedral in Managua on July 31, 2020.

Nicaragua Catholic cathedral attacked with firebomb

Jul 31, 2020

By CNA Staff

An unidentified man threw a firebomb into a chapel of Managua’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Friday, severely damaging... Read more

The flag of Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan bishops cancel annual pilgrimage, but mayor reportedly goes ahead

Mar 31, 2020

Local media in Nicaragua are reporting that despite the nation’s bishops’ conference suspending Mass and prohibiting large gatherings, the mayor... Read more

Fr. Ernesto Cardenal.

Nicaragua's Father Ernesto Cardenal dies at 95

Mar 2, 2020

Fr. Ernesto Cardenal, a Nicaraguan poet and Marxist liberation theology activist whose priestly faculties were long suspended for his assuming... Read more

Cardinal Leopoldo José Brenes Solorzano of Managua speaks with ACI Prensa in Rome, June 2018.

Nicaraguan cardinal: Peace comes from dialogue, accepting differences

Jan 4, 2020

As political tensions continue in Nicaragua, the archbishop of Managua stressed that for peace to be achieved, people need to... Read more

Flag of Nicaragua.

After 8-day hunger strike, Nicaraguan mothers transported to hospital

Nov 25, 2019

A group of mothers who had been conducting a hunger strike in a Catholic church in Nicaragua have left the... Read more

Edwin Carcache demonstrates demanding the release from prison of other opposition prisoners after his own release in Managua, June 11, 2019.

Nicaraguan cardinal withholds judgement on amnesty law

Jun 12, 2019

The results of a Nicaraguan law granting amnesty to both anti-government activists and security forces will determine whether the legislation... Read more

Nicaragua flag.

Bishop asks Nicaraguans not to take justice into their own hands

Apr 2, 2019

Bishop Silvio José Báez, auxiliary of Managua, Nicaragua, called on people of the country not to take justice into their... Read more

Ernesto Cardenal.

Vatican restores priestly faculties to Ernesto Cardenal

Feb 18, 2019

Pope Francis has restored priestly faculties to 94-year-old Fr. Ernesto Cardenal, who had been suspended a divinas in 1984 for... Read more

The flag of Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan bishop criticizes arrest of journalists

Dec 24, 2018

The Auxiliary Bishop of Managua, Silvio José Báez, has criticized the shut down of the 100% Noticias television channel and... Read more

Bullet holes in the window of Divine Mercy church in Managua, Nicaragua.

Night of terror: Inside the Catholic church attacked by Nicaragua's paramilitary

Dec 21, 2018

By Courtney Mares

A fire in the church. Bullet holes in the tabernacle. Students fleeing for their lives.  Read more

Protesters in Managua, on Aug. 18, 2018. 

Nicaragua's political tensions need our prayers, US archbishop says

Aug 20, 2018

Americans need to pray for peace in Nicaragua as the country faces continuing political tensions, violence and attacks on churches,... Read more

Costa Rica Church opens reception centers for Nicaraguan refugees

Aug 2, 2018

The Diocese of Quesada in Costa Rica has set up two reception centers to serve the Nicaraguan refugees fleeing the... Read more

Vice President Mike Pence.

White House condemns violence in Nicaragua, supports Catholic-led negotiations

Aug 1, 2018

The White House has issued a statement expressing support for the Catholic Church’s diplomatic efforts in Nicaragua and announcing $1.5... Read more

Nicaragua flag.

Thousands march in support of Nicaraguan bishops

Jul 31, 2018

The streets of Nicaragua were filled on July 28 by thousands of demonstrators supporting the country’s bishops and priests after... Read more

Latin American bishops announce day of prayer for Nicaragua

Jul 19, 2018

The Council of Latin American Bishops has expressed solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and declared Sunday, July 22, a... Read more