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French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, exit a polling booth adorned with curtains displaying the colors of the flag of France before casting their ballot for the European Parliament election at a polling station in Le Touquet, northern France, on June 9, 2024.

French euthanasia bill on hold as Macron calls ‘snap election’

Jun 11, 2024

By Daniel Payne

Reims Archbishop Éric de Moulins-Beaufort said earlier this year that the measure would “shift our entire health care system toward... Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron, flanked by president of the public establishment "Rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris" Philippe Jost (right) and and Archbishop of Paris Laurent Ulrich (left), visits the nave of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral during its reconstruction on Dec. 8, 2023.

Notre Dame Cathedral expected to reopen one year from today

Dec 8, 2023

By Francesca Pollio Fenton

President Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by Paris’ Archbishop Laurent Ulrich, visited the newly built spire and pledged the work would be... Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron talks to the press as he leaves after a European Council Informal Meeting at the Palacio de Congreso in Granada, southern Spain, on Oct. 6, 2023.

French president wants right to abortion added to constitution

Oct 6, 2023

By Eduardo Berdejo

In his speech for the 65th anniversary of the French Constitution, President Emmanuel Macron called for abortion to be included... Read more

Credit: sfam_photo/Shutterstock.

Citizens’ convention endorses legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in France

Feb 27, 2023

By Solène Tadié

The 184-member council was convened by President Emmanuel Macron to debate “end of life” issues. Read more


A ‘citizens convention’ will decide whether France legalizes assisted suicide

Oct 27, 2022

By Edie Heipel

A panel of 150 randomly selected French citizens will take part in a six-month debate over whether to allow legal... Read more

Vladimir Putin / Credit: Flickr from Global Panorama (CC BY-SA 2.0)  Pope Francis / Daniel Ibañez, ACI Press

Russia is ‘willing’ to speak with Pope Francis about the war in Ukraine

Oct 26, 2022

By CNA Staff

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said his government is willing to talk with Pope Francis, the U.S., and France to... Read more

Pope Francis and Emmanuel Macron at the Vatican, Oct 24, 2022

Pope Francis meets French President Emmanuel Macron

Oct 24, 2022

By AC Wimmer

Pope Francis received French President Emmanuel Macron at the Vatican on Monday. Read more

Emmanuel Macron.

EU Catholic bishops criticize Macron’s call to add abortion to rights charter

Feb 8, 2022

By CNA Staff

They noted that there is no ‘right’ to abortion enshrined in international law. Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron.

Pro-life group criticizes Macron’s call to add abortion to rights charter

Jan 20, 2022

By Courtney Mares

The French president made the appeal in a speech to the European Parliament. Read more

Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron calls for abortion to be added to EU rights charter

Jan 19, 2022

By CNA Staff

He made the appeal after the election of a pro-life politician as president of the European Parliament. Read more

Pope Francis meets French President Emmanuel Macron at the Vatican, Nov. 26, 2021.

Pope Francis meets French President Emmanuel Macron at the Vatican

Nov 26, 2021

By Courtney Mares

Asked how he was doing, the pope told Macron: ‘I’m still alive.’ Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron tours Our Lady of the Hour Church in Mosul, Iraq, Aug. 29, 2021.

French president visits Catholic church in Iraq damaged by ISIS

Aug 31, 2021

By Courtney Mares

Emmanuel Macron toured Our Lady of the Hour Church in Mosul. Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron.

French president presses Muslim leaders to embrace 'republican values'

Dec 2, 2020

In the wake of several suspected Islamist attacks in France this year, French President Emmanuel Macron has asked the country’s... Read more

A medical mask on a gargoyle of Notre-Dame in Paris.

French bishops press government to review 30-person Mass limit

Nov 25, 2020

By Courtney Mares

After a strong reaction by French Catholics to the government’s decision Tuesday night to limit Mass attendance to 30 people... Read more

Emmanuel Macron.

Macron’s office hails ‘convergence’ with pope over pandemic response

Apr 22, 2020

A 45-minute phone call between Pope Francis and French president Emmanuel Macron revealed “a lot of convergence” between the two... Read more

Emmanuel Macron.

Macron echoes pope’s call for debt relief amid pandemic

Apr 14, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron has echoed Pope Francis’ call for debt relief for the world’s poorest countries amid the coronavirus... Read more

President Donald Trump.

Trump calls Pope Francis after Notre-Dame fire

Apr 17, 2019

President Donald Trump and Pope Francis spoke on the phone Wednesday afternoon, with the president pledging to assist with the... Read more

Paris, France. 1st December 2018. Riot Police use tear gas against demonstrators during a protest by people wearing yellow vests.

'What can we say?' French bishops cautious in response to ‘yellow vest’ protests

Dec 4, 2018

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced Tuesday morning that the government would suspend the imposition of a proposed fuel tax... Read more

The Catholic University of America, June 1, 2018.

Catholic U. professor leads response to French president’s remark on large families

Oct 16, 2018

Following a comment by President Emmanuel Macron, in which he expressed skepticism that any well-educated woman would decide to have... Read more

Pope Francis with French President Emmanuel Macron in the Apostolic Palace on June 26, 2018.

Pope Francis, Emmanuel Macron talk immigration in first meeting

Jun 26, 2018

By Elise Harris

The heated debate over immigration in Europe was a central topic of discussion in a meeting between Pope Francis and... Read more