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Will religious Boy Scout troops be tolerated when ban on gay leaders ends?

Jul 27, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

The Boy Scouts of America is moving to change its leadership standards in order to allow openly homosexual adult leaders... Read more

Here’s what would happen if America's Catholic outreach disappeared

Jul 14, 2015

By Mary Farrow

A few months ago, Erin McCroy was walking the streets of Denver with Murphy, a 20-something missionary with Christ in... Read more

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Denver, Colorado.

Anti-Catholic history in US shows Church has survived and will continue, historian says

Jul 1, 2015

By Matt Hadro

As bishops warn of current threats to religious liberty in the United States, Catholics can take heart that such challenges... Read more

Religious liberty supporters outside the Supreme Court building in Washington D.C., June 26, 2015.

Marriage has had its day at Court, but religious freedom could soon follow

Jun 27, 2015

By Adelaide Mena, Matt Hadro

Friday’s Supreme Court ruling against the traditional understanding of marriage may pose huge obstacles to the free exercise of religion... Read more

How a baker in Northern Ireland is standing up for faith in the workplace

Jun 1, 2015

After a legal ruling deemed a bakery in Northern Ireland to have discriminated against a gay customer, the bakery’s owners... Read more

Judges shoot down Notre Dame's appeal on contraception mandate

May 21, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

A federal court has again denied the University of Notre Dame’s request for a preliminary injunction against federal mandates it... Read more

Between conflicting cake rulings in Colorado, baker's livelihood still at risk

Apr 7, 2015

The Colorado agency which punished a baker who declined to make a cake for a same-sex ceremony has ruled that... Read more

Wall Street Journal, NY Times writer defend Indiana religious freedom law

Mar 31, 2015

Does the widespread reaction to Indiana religious freedom law mean there is growing intolerance for religious viewpoints? Two prominent essays... Read more

The Brompton Oratory in London, with which the London Oratory School is associated.

London Catholic school believes government order threatens its identity

Mar 26, 2015

A prestigious Catholic school in London fears that altering its admissions criteria – as it was ordered to do by... Read more

A grave problem – NJ ban on religious headstone sales could violate constitution

Mar 26, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

A New Jersey law crafted to ban the Archdiocese of Newark from selling cemetery headstones might not pass muster under... Read more

The Newland family, owners of Hercules Industries, who won a permanent injunction against the HHS mandate March 16, 2015. Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Catholic-owned company wins 'final victory' against HHS mandate

Mar 17, 2015

A Catholic-owned company’s victory in its fight against a federal mandate to cover drugs and procedures that violate Catholic moral... Read more

Courtesy of Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

CNA exclusive poll: Americans agree – protect religious liberty

Mar 12, 2015

Religious freedom battles continue to take place in courtrooms around the country, but in the court of public opinion, religious... Read more

Barronnelle Stutzman, whose business and home are threatened after she declined to arrange flowers for a same-sex wedding.

Grandmother, florist may lose her business and home for declining gay wedding

Feb 20, 2015

By Mary Farrow

If you walk into Barronelle Stutzman’s floral business, you’re probably going to get a hug. She puts her heart into... Read more

US Capitol building.

Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act matters to you

Feb 17, 2015

By Matt Hadro

For the sake of religious liberity, it is vital that the religious rights of corporations – and not just individuals... Read more

Catholic Benefits Association appoints first-ever CEO

Feb 12, 2015

When hospitals are struggling financially, they bring in Douglas G. Wilson, Jr. to turn around their fortunes.  Read more

Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally in Washington D.C., June 2012.

Court protects Catholic-owned company from HHS mandate

Jan 7, 2015

The federal government cannot force a Catholic-owned Michigan company to provide insurance coverage for sterilization, contraceptives, and drugs that could... Read more

Rabbi David Saperstein in Davos, Switzerland, January 25, 2013.

A long vacancy: Controversial religious freedom diplomat takes helm

Dec 15, 2014

By Matt Hadro

The U.S. Senate voted 61-36 on Friday to confirm Rabbi David Saperstein as the next U.S. Ambassador at-large for International... Read more

Archbishop William Lori at a Nov. 12, 2012 press conference for the USCCB Fall General Assembly.

Religious freedom battle 'daunting,' but bishops urged to persist

Nov 12, 2014

By Matt Hadro

The leader of the U.S. bishops’ religious freedom committee encouraged his fellow bishops not to lose heart, but to place... Read more

Church-state separation allows rules on employee morality, lawyers say

Sep 24, 2014

The separation of church and state includes the freedom to require employees to follow Church teachings, said a legal group... Read more

Catholic schoolchildren.

Advocates advise that First Amendment protects school choice

Aug 11, 2014

Faith-based schools should not be excluded from Colorado's educational choice programs, according to a brief filed by attorneys in a... Read more