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Fr. Kolumban Reichlin, O.S.B., the new chaplain of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

Pope Francis appoints Benedictine priest as Swiss Guard chaplain

Sep 1, 2021

By Hannah Brockhaus

Fr. Kolumban Reichlin studied at Saint Meinrad Seminary in Indiana. Read more

A Benedictine monk at the Barroux Abbey’s Via Caritatis winery.

Monks of France’s first papal vineyard sell wine to help local community

Jun 5, 2021

By Courtney Mares

The monks hope to sell 15,000 bottles of their wine this month to help support the pandemic-hit community. Read more

Downside Abbey in Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset, England.

Abbot: monks are leaving historic Benedictine abbey in ‘very positive spirit’

Sep 1, 2020

An English Benedictine community’s decision to leave their home for the past two centuries will allow members to focus on... Read more

Ampleforth Abbey and College in North Yorkshire, England.

Vatican rules that Benedictine abbot should not return to his community

Aug 26, 2020

The Vatican has ruled that the abbot of Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire, England, should not return to his community,... Read more

The altar bread department at St. Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde. Courtesy of St. Cecilia’s Abbey

Nuns put altar bread production on hold as they weather pandemic

May 29, 2020

When it is working at full capacity, the altar bread department at St. Cecilia’s Abbey produces millions of hosts a... Read more

The Benedictine Monks of Norcia process with relics of the True Cross. Courtesy photo.

Monks of Norcia praying with 'greater intensity' during coronavirus

Apr 30, 2020

By Hannah Brockhaus

In the central Italian countryside, at the edge of the Umbrian woods just outside Norcia, a group of Benedictine monks... Read more

Silverstream Priory Benedictine Monks.

Meet the monks who spend their lives praying for Ireland's priests

Oct 24, 2017

By Kevin J. Jones

Prayer, reparation, and praising God are the focus of a new Benedictine priory in Ireland, which focuses especially on reparation... Read more

Pluscarden Abbey.

BBC mini-series captures daily life of Benedictine monks

Oct 19, 2017

A new BBC series will depict the daily life of Benedictine monks in a few UK monasteries, taking camera crews... Read more

Buckfast Abbey.

England's Buckfast Abbey to celebrate 1,000 years of foundation

Oct 18, 2017

By Elise Harris

In 2018 one of England's historic monasteries will celebrate the millennium year of its foundation, offering a prime example of... Read more

The monks of Norcia sing from their 2015 album Benedicta: Marian Chant for Norcia.

Monks of Norcia announce special edition beer to help them rebuild

Jun 13, 2017

By Mary Farrow

It was God and beer sales that helped sustain the Benedictine monks of Norcia, and it is God and beer... Read more

How to celebrate Christmas with Benedictine nuns

Dec 4, 2016

By Carl Bunderson

As the Christmas season approaches, the hit-making community of Benedictine nuns based in Missouri have released an album full of... Read more

Courtesy of the Monastero di San Benedetto.

For these Benedictine monks, to brew well-made beer is to pray

Jun 3, 2016

By Kevin J. Jones

A group of Italy-based monks pray and work at their monastery at St. Benedict's birthplace. Now the fruits of their... Read more

Recording Adoration at Ephesus in the St. John's Chapel.

Benedictine nuns back at it again with a new album

Apr 27, 2016

By Carl Bunderson

A new album from the chart-topping community of Benedictine nuns in rural Missouri has an intimate selection of the songs... Read more

The Monks of Norcia.

'We wanted to involve our listeners in an experience of prayer'

Jun 3, 2015

By Carl Bunderson

The Benedictine Monks of Norcia spend their lives in prayer and labor – “ora et labora” – chanting the psalms... Read more

Chart-topping Benedictine nuns to release new album for Easter

Feb 28, 2015

By Carl Bunderson

Together with the joys of the Resurrection and feasting, this Easter will have an added delight: listening to the new... Read more

St. Joseph Benedictine Abbey church in St. Joseph, Louisiana.

Monks in Louisiana win lengthy fight to sell caskets

Oct 18, 2013

After a long legal fight, the U.S. Supreme Court has let stand a lower court ruling that Benedictine monks in... Read more

Mother Dolores Hart at the 2012 Acadamy Awards with Director Rebecca Cammissa (L) and Producer Julie Anderson (R) of the film

Hollywood actress-turned-nun details vocation in new book

May 7, 2013

Mother Dolores Hart, the woman who left her movie career to become a Benedictine nun, has released a new biography... Read more

Nuns from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles create their new album, 'Angels and Saints at Ephesus.'

Benedictine nuns release second album, honoring saints

Apr 14, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

A group of contemplative Benedictine nuns have recorded an album in honor of the angels and saints, all of the... Read more

Wooden casket made by the monks of Saint Joseph Benedictine Abbey.

Louisiana monks thankful for right to sell caskets

Mar 22, 2013

By Carl Bunderson

After fighting a lawsuit for over five years, Benedictine monks in Louisiana finally won the right to sell their handmade... Read more